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The Best Demitasse Cups for Enjoying an Espresso

So many people around the world are talking about their espresso machines but are forgetting a vital ingredient to their perfect shot of espresso. While the espresso machine is a vital aspect of a great cup of espresso – I would like to propose a question. Where are you planning on putting this shot of espresso? You need a fine-crafted and eloquent demitasse cup to compliment the shot of espresso, am I correct? If you are unfamiliar with demitasse cups – don’t feel l You would think that there is a simple and easy pick-and-go espresso cup mentality; however, there is an espresso equation that espresso lovers tend to point towards:

Espresso = Espresso Machine = Grinder = Demitasse Cup

In other words, every single aspect of an espresso is equivalent. Without one, the others suffer.

Without further ado, we are going to guide you through the best and different types of demitasse cups you could buy to enjoy your cup of espresso. If you happen to find a style that intrigues you, feel free to click the image for more details on the product.

You should know that a regular cup for espresso does not suffice as a demitasse cup.

What is a Demitasse Cup?

You might be asking the question, “What is a demitasse cup?” Right? Well, there is actually a little-bit of history behind this name.  The actual word demitasse is a French word that actually means “half cup”. The truth is, a demitasse is merely a half-a-cup of a cup of coffee. If we continue, the history runs a bit deeper.

The demitasse cup was once believed to be an original piece of kitchenware from France; however, historians have concluded that this is not true. Demitasse cups have been around in Europe and primarily Asia since they have been producing porcelain demitasse cups for hundreds of years.

To recognize a traditional demitasse cup, always see if your espresso shot is being paired with a saucer. In all likelihood, if a restaurant or coffee shop is serving your espresso with a saucers, you might be drinking from a traditional demitasse cup. Overall, these cups are the pinnacle of espresso drinking and only the finest espresso shots are partnered with a demitasse cup.

The Top-Rated Demitasse Cups for Espresso

1. Le Creuset Stoneware 3.5 ounce Petite Espresso Mug Rainbow Assortment Colors

If you are seeking to make it to the top-tier of demitasse espresso cups, one brand you should always look towards is Le Creuset. This brand is famous for its top notch and industrial grade materials that impress anyone who gets a hold of them. The company is known for its line of kitchenware such as pots and pans.

With their stoneware espresso mug rainbow set, they are adding a flavor to an industry that is often stainless steel. If you want to bring life into your kitchen, this is the espresso set to do it. On top of this, this cups are actually one of the best-made espresso mugs out of every other espresso cup brand in the market.

These are resistant to staining, cracking, and even minor chipping. What is even better is how strong these cups are and resistant towards heat. If you like your espresso cups hot, this espresso mug set will challenge the heat.

2. Espresso Cup by DeLonghi

For those of you who are new to the espresso industry, you should know one secret: DeLonghi products are some of the best products ever made. In fact, this product right here is probably the best on the entire list. There is something so simply yet so perfect about slowly sipping a delicious shot of espresso from one of these espresso cups.

Perhaps it’s the unbelievable design of espresso mug. Regardless, this espresso mug is designed with double glass walls made of thermos glasses. What this means is that the temperature is regulated to stay at the beverages temperature. In the case of espresso, this will keep the temperature of the espresso shot hot. Whether you are new or not, this is a MUST buy!

Bestseller No. 1
De'Longhi DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses, Set of 2, Regular, Clear
  • Double wall thermos glasses
  • Keeps drinks hot or cold
  • Condensation free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 2 ounce /60 milliliter

3. Bromiolio Rocco Ypsilon 3.5-Ounce Espresso Cup with Metal Handle

Similar to the DeLonghi Espresso Mug set, Bormilio Rocco developed the stellar Ypsilon Espresso Cups with Metal Handles that have completely stolen the hearts of many espresso lovers across the industry. If you are seeking to impress at your next part, this might be a brand to look into.

With over 6 espresso cups in the set with 3.75-ounce volume sizes, these are the perfect sizes for any shot of espresso. What is so unique about the tempered glass exterior is that it allows for the user to see their delicious shot of espresso before they drink it.

In my opinion, that is totally worth the purchase in itself. If you want to drink in style and glass, if you get my espresso pun, this is the set for you!

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon 3.75 oz. Espresso Cup with Stainless Steel Handle, Set of 4, Gift Boxed
  • Beautiful gift boxed set of 4, 3.75 oz. espresso cups, perfect for everyday use or special occassions.
  • Made with durable tempered glass, these cups offer a sleek, contemporary way to serve and enjoy rich espresso.
  • The dishwasher-safe, stainless steel handle separates from the glass for easy cleanup.
  • Espresso cup measures 2.75" diameter x 3.25" h
  • Made in Italy by Bormiolo Rocco, glassware experts since 1825.

4. D’Lusso Designs Biscotti 4 Piece Espresso Set

With the modern and minimalist style currently trending in home décor, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of kitchen ware to come out in years. D’Lusso Designs developed one of the most eloquent and sophisticated pieces that will impress anyone upon sight and touch.

The company produced each cup and saucer from pure quality porcelain with your kitchen in mind. On top of this, each piece is handcrafted with love and espresso in mind. The set currently comes with 4 pieces; however, you may want to buy more for entertaining purposes.

There is a reason why this product has been rated one of the top-rated demitasse mugs in the espresso industry – give it a try and you will see why!

5. Double Wall Glass Espresso Cups Sets – 2.7oz (80ml)

LIENDE’s espresso cups come with a thermal insulated wall, so your beverage maintains its optimum temperature. Since it’s double walled, you don’t run the risk of burning your fingers when you hold the glass. You can also pop it in the microwave to heat your drink, and then hold the cup comfortably.

The light weight of these espresso cups are made of tough, crystal clear borosilicate glass that is completely shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. They are perfect for use around children and the ideal durable and long lasting glassware for every household. Each of the espresso coffee cups is made in a luxuriously stylish design that is easy to hold without slipping out of the hand.

The stylishly made glass espresso cups are perfect for hosting guests.

6. NO.2. Bag Double Wall Stainless Steel Espresso Cup Set

If you are seeking an espresso cup that is going to add flair to your kitchen, this is going to be your best bet: the NO.2. Bag Double Wall Stainless Steel Espresso Cup Set.

This set is probably one of the best-looking espresso piece sets on the market today. The company actually attempted to take the stainless steel trendy appearance of espresso makers and continued that with the cups.  The set currently includes a cup, a saucer and a spoon, which is perfect for the best cup of espresso.

Built from premium stainless steel, whether you are hosting a party or not, you might want to buy multiple of these.

Why? They sell-out extremely quickly and you want to snag them when you can! For such a cost-effective price, why not! Drink your espresso with style and flair!

Bestseller No. 1
Whopper Cups Set of 6, Double Wall Espresso Coffee Cups, Food-Grade Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Cups, Easy Clean and Dishwasher Safe - 4 oz/125 ml
  • Each large silver demitasse cup measures 6 cm (~2 3/8) Wide by 6 cm (~2 3/8) High and hold 3.5 oz - 4 oz (125 ml) to the rim
  • Double wall makes the coffee cup comfortable to touch with hot drinks and prevent condensation with cold drinks, No more watermark left on your table top, Perfect for iced coffee or tea
  • High quality materials: unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior, food-grade, hygienic, 100% Stainless Steel
  • Superior mirror finish makes these cups match your existing coffee ware or tea ware very well, Protruding lip at the rim top avoids cup slipping off your hand, Unbreakable and more durable than glass coffee cups
  • An attractive, modern appearance and a compact, lightweight design that takes up minimal space

What To Drink From?

With so many different options, I am sure you are asking the magic question, “Well, what should I drink from?” Well, the truth is, there are a variety of espresso demitasse cups on this list that vary in budgets.

Depending on what your budget may be should dictate the type of espresso cups you will buy. In my opinion, every single set on the list is worth buying. When it comes down to quality, budget, aesthetics and everything in between, I think the best potential espresso cups are:

The Espresso Cups from DeLonghi

Now, I am not saying this is perfect for you. But after much experimenting with different espresso demitasse cups, these are clearly the superior.

With their sleek and minimalist design, any consumer would be ecstatic to hold these cups in their hand. The entire experience is heightened when you realize that by holding the cup, your hand is not scalding hot from the espresso.

Due to the clever innovative technology developed by one of the best espresso brands in the industry, DeLonghi produced one of the best pieces of espresso parts in the world.

Keep in mind, your espresso shot is defined by your espresso demitasse cup. As we discussed before, there is an espresso equation. As you decide to pick out your demitasse cup, it is suggested that you pick one of those shared on this list. These will compliment any kitchen countertop or cabinetry and will be the perfect complement to a shot of espresso.

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