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Red Bird Coffee Review: Are they any good?

Red Bird Coffee is owned by a small batch roaster, situated in the Montana in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The company is known for their outstanding coffee blends with rich flavors, all sustainably grown and obtained through fair trade principles. So, it is no surprise that Red Bird Coffee is a favorite brand for many people. Let’s learn more in this Red Bird Coffee Review.

red bird coffee review

Red Bird Coffee Review: Interesting blends to try

There are plenty of blends to choose from to make your home brew. To help you narrow down the options, we have picked out some of our personal favorites and customers’ favorites, so you can get the right roast from this master roaster immediately.

1. Red Bird Espresso

One of the most popular options from this brand is the Red Bird espresso. Made from coffee beans that are harvested from Alliance Certified Rainforest, they support important things such as the rights of the workers, their families, and even the local community.

There are many things to like about Red Bird Espresso where flavor and aroma is concerned. The espresso is rich in flavor, but also balanced overall. This espresso provides you with an overtone of toasted nuts and caramel, complemented by an aroma of hazelnut chocolate.

Red Bird Coffee recommends making this coffee in an Aeropress, pour-over, a French press or an automatic drip coffee maker. As soon as you grind these coffee beans, you will find that they work with most coffee making methods.

However, please note that you will need to adjust the grind of this blend depending on the brew method you are using.

2. Decaf Espresso

Many people believe that a decaffeinated espresso will never taste like the real one. However, those people never encountered Red Bird Coffee before. In fact, this brand has a Decaf Espresso that could convince even the strongest critic.

To remove the caffeine from the coffee, Red Bird uses a chemical-free method known as the Mountain Water Process. In other words, the flavor of the beans is maintained and no chemical flavor is left behind in your brew.

The Decaf Espresso is a medium Arabica roast. The result is a fuller body coffee accompanied by notes of nuts and milk chocolate. There is also a smoother aftertaste, which is good news for anyone who does not like bitter overtones in their roast.

If you ordered some Decaf Espresso from from Red Bird Coffee, you can get the best brew by using the espresso brewing method. Use the right amount of the roast and make a shot in 22-29 seconds for the best result. If you do not have a dedicated espresso maker, but already ordered some of these beans, you can also make your espresso with a dedicated French press or and automatic drip coffee machine.

3. Brazil Moka Peaberry

Are you looking for something a little more exotic? If so, there is a roast that might peak your interest immediately. The Brazil Moka Peaberry from Red Bird Coffee brings you something completely different. Forget about an exotic shot of basic espresso, but look at this more aromatic and sweet coffee instead.

The Brazil Moka Peaberry is sourced from the well-known Datterra Farms. They make up the tiniest portion of coffee beans, as they are not split into two as most coffee beans you see nowadays.

Because of the many great features of the Brazil Moka Peaberry, people can expect some outstanding flavor and aroma. When you smell a shot of this coffee, you will instantly notice a really sweet almond smell. Once people have a sip, they are hooked forever. With a sweet jam flavor, it is a great Red Bird Coffee for people who prefer sweeter coffee over bitter.

4. Brazil Sweet Blue

Red Bird Coffee is also in the business of providing some rare coffee to people as well. One of the rare Red Bird Coffee options you have with this brand is the Brazil Sweet Blue. Also obtained from the Dattera Farms, but much harder to come by than the Brazil Moka Peaberry, this is a once-in-a-lifetimes coffee for many people.

When people are asked to describe this coffee from Red Bird, they would describe it as a luxurious bar of chocolate. This is no surprise, because as soon as you brew your order of Brazil Sweet Blue, you will notice a lot of cocoa-inspired flavors and aromas in a single cup.

There are many ways to make the Brazil Sweet Blue, including as a single-origin espresso. So, you can use most coffee making methods to create a Brazil Sweet Blue you like best.

5. Blackbird Blend

People who like their Red Bird Coffee bold and dark will undoubtedly like the Blackbird Blend. Interestingly, the coffee beans used in this blend are obtained from three to four different countries. The result is a Red Bird Coffee that can be counted among some of the best dark roasts available to order today.

While dark roasts are mainly known to be quite bitter, the Blackbird Blend from Red Bird Coffee actually has a little sweetness to it. It also has some smokey hints, which means that this Red Bird blend can be used on its own, but also with some milk and sugar. If you have never been able to find the perfect dark roast, then we suggest putting one of these on order today.

6. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha

This brand regularly provides some limited edition coffee beans to people. If you want to order something you have never tasted before, or simply order something completely new, then the following option could be a great revelation.

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha is obtained from the Kebel Aricha coffee mill, which is owned by Surafel Birhanu. To deliver this outstanding coffee to people, farmers place ripe cherries on drying beds. They are then turned every three hours and de-hulled three weeks later. Finally, they are transported to the capital of Ethiopia for transport.

People who prefer their brew to be as natural as possible will find a great option in the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha. One cup of this great coffee delivers those natural characteristics well, with strong hints of plum, blackberry, grape, and chocolate. You also get a great floral aroma to boot, so this is one of the most intricate and marvellous brews you will ever try. Of course, since supply of this bean is limited, it is best to grab your supply as soon as you are able to.

7. Costa Rica La Magnolia

The origins of this particular coffee is quite interesting indeed. In fact, Costa Rica La Magnolia is sourced from the Tre Rios region, which lies just east of San Jose. The interesting thing about that is that the beans are grown at altitudes of 4000 to 6500 feet! Upon harvest, the beans are transported to the famous Hacienda La Minita for milling.

Anyone who loves a combination of floral and sweet will adore what this bean has to offer. The coffee provides a clean acidity, complemented by a lovely medium body and hints of citrus, maple, honeysuckle, caramel and chocolate. All this is also enhanced by its lovely floral aroma.

8. Kenya Nyeri Karatina

Our last recommendation from this brand is the Kenya Nyeri Karatina. Sourced from a central Kenya province, it has become a stern favorite among even the harshest coffee critics.

The beans are harvested and milled by two factories called Gaturiri and Gatomboya. Both factories belong to a society called Barichu, which oversees approximately 1000 smaller coffee farms.

If we had to describe the Kenya Nyeri Karatina, it would be summer in a cup. The bean comes with many summer-like flavors that are reminiscent of Kenya, including blackcurrant jam, sundried tomato, blackberry, and red grapefruit. As this is also a medium roast, it appeals to most coffee lovers out there.

Like most medium roasts, you can make a variety of different coffee recipes with this particular bean. The Aeropress and the French press tend to give you the richest and fullest result, but you can use your basic coffee machine as well. Of course, you do have to get the right grind to match your preferences. It is also worth mentioning that you can brew Kenya Nyeri Karatina as a single origin espresso. As you may expect already, you will be able to have an espresso unlike you ever had before.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Red Bird’s coffees are very flavorful and tend to bring out the best of each brewing method. Espressos made with Red Bird Coffees tend to be intense, thick, and have a subtle sweetness. French press brews have a full mouthfeel and bold flavors, and pour over brews tend to be bright and clean.

Another reason why we believe in the quality of this brand is its sustainable sourcing and fair trading policies. Not all brands meet these criteria these days, especially where the coffee trade is concerned.

Add to that the ability to obtain more unusual blends for your home brews, and you have the perfect addition to the home of any coffee lover.

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