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Ninja coffee bar clean light keeps coming on(3 solutions)

Does your Ninja coffee bar clean light keeps coming on? This is a very common problem. Sometimes the light will not go off – even when you have just cleaned the machine! And it gives so much discomfort to the eyes.

A lot many Ninja Coffee Bar buyers report this problem. Recently i received a message on my blog coffeeinmyviens – It read “My clean light stays on all the time even when I just cleaned it. And this given me headaches. I even don’t know whether the coffee in the Ninja Bar is actually clean or not. Please answer on this”.

In this post we will look whether this light not switching off is – a circuit board issue, a programming error or just needs some basic troubleshooting.

The clean light is a common problem in some Ninja models and needs technical direction. We have discussed three troubleshooting methods below which will help you in your coffee bar light issues. –

Troubleshooting Method 1

Generally most of the Ninja Coffee Bar issues relate to cleaning. And this issue “ninja coffee bar clean light keeps coming on” – may be related to irregular cycles of cleaning or if you are descaling the machine after a lot of time.

The science is simple. The “clean light” button on Ninja Coffee Bars gets illuminated when the machine senses calcium and other mineral deposits. And alarms you to descale the machine.

Now if you do not clean the machine regularly and clean it after a lot of accumulation of sediments – then even after your descaling process the machine senses the debris. Because descaling process was not able to completely clean the coffee bar and actually it needs one more descaling cycle.

So if the ninja coffee bar’s clean light keeps coming on – try to descale it twice. The moment you will descale again – the light should stop illuminating.

Troubleshooting Method 2

The second common mistake that keeps the light on after a clean up is not pressing the needed buttons. Or pressing extra buttons. Below is a step by step process that you can follow to avoid the issue.

  • After the whole process of descaling the coffee bar – there will be a sign flashing “Flush” on the clock timer screen.
  • Fill the reservoir again – and this time do not use any descaling solution. Just fresh tap water is needed.
  • Tap the “Clean” Button – and do not press and hold. A simple tap will start the flushing process.
  • The machine will stat flushing the water – it will not start the whole clean cycle.
  • After the flush the clean button should go OFF.
  • If you press the brew cycle buttons while flushing the second time the light will not go off. And this will happen even if you do the full descaling process twice or many times.

Note – Go for the second step only if the first trouble shooting method does not work. There is a high chance that the first method itself will solve your issue.


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Troubleshooting Method 3

As in most of the electrical devices – a simple restart is the solution to most of the problems. If the light in your coffee ninja bar is not getting switched off – even after both the troubleshooting methods – then a restart of the machine might help.

Sometimes the cleaning process is not the problem. In fact the problem lies in electrical components which result in light errors like these.

An unwanted static current accumulation in the switch or adapter or any of the electrical parts – will not allow the light to go “OFF”. When you reboot the machine – or switch it off completely – all the electrical charge gets drained off. This eliminates chances of static currents accumulation. And a fresh start of the machine will solve your light issue.

Note – Remove all the wires from the socket when you restart the machine. Just switching off the machine will not help all the static current to drain.

However try the troubleshooting method number 3 in the very last – because generally light issues are due to cleaning errors. Ninja Coffee Bars are highly sophisticated machines and issues like these (Electrical problems) are not highly reported in these Coffee Makers.

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