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Macchiato Vs Mocha: The difference is in the chocolate

Macchiato and Mocha are popular drinks among coffee lovers, and let’s face it, there is a whole lot to love about these beverages. Of course, these two drinks are often pitted against one another as well, as their characteristics share similarities. So, when the question of macchiato vs mocha is posed, what should you say to impress your java friends?

Macchiato vs mocha, what gives?

What Is A Macchiato?

There is a lot of confusion about the macchiato and what it actually is. To ensure you have the right information, we laid out the essential information about what a macchiato really is.

When explaining the macchiato, we need to distinguish between the latte macchiato and the espresso macchiato. Each of these has some distinguishable features, which will be explained in more detail below.

Espresso Macchiato

The espresso macchiato is better known under the name caffé macchiato in Italy and is the traditional form of this beverage. To make this drink, you first need a shot of espresso and then one to two teaspoons of milk.

The beverage is topped with just a hint of foam on top. The espresso macchiato is best served in a glass or a ceramic cup, depending on your preferences.

Now you know the definition of the espresso macchiato, so let us now take a look at the latte macchiato.

Latte Macchiato

Contrary to its espresso counterpart, the latte macchiato is just a hint more complicated to make, but the amazing flavor is more than worth the effort. For this beverage, you will not only need espresso, but also a lot of delicious steamed milk.

To create the perfect latte macchiato, you need a 12 oz glass. Now, it is important that you use a glass, as you need to check the layering of your beverage throughout.

Before you add the espresso, it is vital that you preheat the glass. Next, add steamed milk for about a third to half of the glass. Either of these two quantities is fine for your steamed milk, so you can experiment with steamed milk a little to determine your personal preferences for a latte macchiato.

Once your glass with steamed milk is prepared, it is time to add your espresso. It is important to pour your espresso very slowly, as this will enable you to layer your beverage perfectly. If you have problems pouring your espresso slowly, you can also use a tried and tested barista technique:

While pouring your espresso, use the back of a spoon to slow down the process further. However, with this technique, you will not get the stained look in the steamed milk you would get with a normal pouring technique.

The latte macchiato is the perfect drink for anyone who cannot decide between espresso and cappuccino.

What Is A Mocha?

The mocha is an espresso beverage that also includes hot chocolate, which makes it perfect for those who do not like the typical bitter coffee flavors, but do like something a little sweeter.

A mocha can be made with standard hot chocolate, but you can also use chocolate syrup. Evidently, the type of chocolate you use can influence the texture and overall strength of the chocolate in the beverage.

Of course, this makes the drink so much more interesting. You will even find different variants in your local coffee shop.

To make a mocha, create an espresso shot and pour it into your preferred cup or glass. Next, take 1 teaspoon of drinking chocolate and mix it into your espresso. Then, take your milk (approximately 250 millilitres) and use a steamer attachment to steam your milk.

Ideally, you should have one to two inches of foam on top. Then, pour in the milk and the foam to get your perfect mocha.

The milk and foam is often a reason why people do not try their hand at a mocha in their own home and head over to their local coffee shop. However, many manufacturers make their coffee machines with a steamer attachment these days, enabling you to create milk and foam with the greatest of ease.

So, if you have not made a mocha at home yet, why not invest in a new coffee machine?

The Main Takeaway? Experiment With Your Hot Beverages!

From the macchiato to mocha to espresso to drip coffee, there are tons of beverages to experiment with. Even if you do not like coffee, there are plenty of beverages that are far from the traditional coffee, but still use coffee beans.

This much is proven by our mocha versus macchiato discussion!

If you are an avid coffee lover, you may have some additional questions about macchiato and mocha. To ensure your quest for answers comes to a successful end, we have compiled this overview of frequently asked questions about macchiato and mocha.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Frothed Milk And Steamed Milk?

You will use both frothed and steamed milk as a coffee lover, so it is important to know the difference. Steamed milk is heated up to a specific point, which breaks down the fat in the milk and causes the typical microfoam. You do not only get some foam though, as it also gives your milk a sweeter and silkier consistency.
Frothing milk on the other hand, is done with a special steam wand. The wand is inserted into the milk, which creates a bubblier texture. This is also the technique used to add so-called foam art on your favorite cappuccin

What Other Drinks Are Made With Espresso?

There are a countless number of beverages that are made with espresso, which once again proves that coffee lovers need to master their espresso brewing skills. We already mentioned mocha and macchiato, but there are other beverages that require espresso.
Well-known espresso beverages include cappuccino and americano. However, be sure to keep an eye out for the lesser known options as well; this includes hammerhead, espresso con panna (with whipped cream), lungo and ristretto. Each of these beverages are unique in their own way, so they allow you to experiment with espresso drinks further.

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