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How Long Do Coffee Makers Last and How To Prolong Their Life

Even the best coffee maker can run into some issues over the course of time, so knowing about the average lifespan of a coffee maker and learning some tricks to increase that lifespan can certainly add many years of enjoyment. But how long do coffee makers last? Let’s find out.

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How long do coffee makers last? What’s the life expectancy?

Well built coffee makers tend to have a lifespan between 6 and 10 years. Of course, there are some variables when it comes to the overall life of your coffee machine. For example, if you do not maintain your coffee machine regularly, then your coffee maker will not last that long.

It is also worth noting that the type of coffee maker can also influence the overall lifespan. A drip coffee maker has an average lifespan of six years, while a fully automatic espresso coffee machine can last up to ten.

Of course, these are just estimates. It is possible that your coffee maker lasts much longer than that, or less long. However, it does underline the importance of choosing a coffee maker with a proven track record and regularly maintaining your coffee machine.

Tips to improve coffee maker lifespans

There are some things you can do to increase the lifespan of a coffee maker. To ensure you are fully informed, and can continue enjoying a cup of coffee made with your favorite machine, here is some of the best advice we can provide.

Descale and clean regularly

Adding some white vinegar to the water reservoir and letting it run through a full cycle can do wonders for your coffee maker. It can remove hard water residue, but also coffee residue and other remnants from the coffee making process.

Once you put through some white vinegar, make sure you run a cycle with some fresh water too. Ideally, you want to push through two cycles with some water, as this ensures all the vinegar residue is gone.

Finally, if there are some small nooks and crevices on your coffee maker, make sure you give those a regular maintenance too. It is not enough to simply put a maintenance cycle on the inside of your coffee maker, the outside of your coffee maker needs attention too.

How Do I Take Care Of My Machine Long-Term?

If you want your machine to last, there are a couple of simple tips you can implement. First and foremost, you need to use the coffee machine as intended. Always read manufacturer instructions.

While it may be tempting to skip them all, there can be functional information that makes your machine last longer, especially if you use it correctly.

Those who only use their machine in the morning, should turn it off for the rest of the day. Some of the latest coffee machines do have a function that turns off the machine automatically after thirty minutes or so.

However, if your machine does not have this functionality, make sure to turn it off to make your coffee maker last.

Of course, turning the power off has more purpose than making your coffee maker last alone, as it also saves you energy. While it may not account to much on your overall utility bill, all little bits help.

Another big tip to make your coffee maker last is to empty the carafe when you have finished your coffee for the day. It is too tempting to leave your beverages in the carafe for too long, even if you don’t intend drinking any more from it.

Unfortunately, this can cause residue at the bottom of the carafe that is quite difficult to remove.

If you had your machine for some time, then you might not know where you left your user manual. Obviously, this poses some problems to clean your machine.

A quick Google search will help you find the manual, and some sites such as this one collect manuals too.

How To Clean Steam Wands On Espresso Machines

One forgotten component on modern machines is often the steam nozzle, even though this is the part that often breaks first due to improper maintenance. If you do not clean the nozzle, it can get clogged with curdled milk.

To ensure that your steam wand does not get clogged, you must purge the wand immediately after use. You can purge it by just letting it pass steam into the air for a few seconds after you’re done with frothing. That removes any milk from the inside of the wand.

While the wand is still hot and the milk residue on the outside is still liquid, you need to grab a towel or napkin and wipe the outside too.

There are some products on the market that can give your steam nozzle or wand a more thorough clean. However, it is important to know that not all these products are suitable for all brands of coffee machines.

Main Takeaways

To get the most from a coffee machine, always choose a machine from a well-known and established brand. Do your research when it comes to durability and do not be afraid to invest just a little more to get premium quality.

As proven from this article, maintenance is extremely important too. Follow the maintenance guidelines stated in this article, but be sure to check their suitability for your brand of coffee maker.

Hard water is especially something to look out for, as this can destroy a decent machine in minimal time.

In conclusion, as long as you purchase quality and keep your coffee maker clean and pristine, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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