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Eating Coffee Beans: Good for you and sound science, or quackery?

Coffee the drink that has gotten mention like no other and which ranks highly whenever it comes to social gatherings. I have never happened to hear of anything else other than a coffee date, it’s respected that much. Coffee drinking is a tradition that has been able to stick and like an ever vibrant habit, it has stood the test of time.

With the continued drinking of coffee, curiosity also led the lovers of the drink to experiment on the consumption of the coffee beans which has created room for a lot of discussion both in support of and against the habit. This article is meant to add a voice to the going concern about the eating of coffee beans.

Before go into further discussion about the eating of coffee beans, it is good that we should start at the basics of all things with regards to matters coffee and that is coffee drinking.

Coffee Drinking

As has been started at the beginning, coffee drinking is a welcome social activity among most if not all social groupings of the world and has been known to be a uniting occasion whenever coffee is being shared among friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.

Coffee drinkers will, attest to drinking the famed beverage for different reasons; with some doing it for fun, others for medicinal purposes and others even out of addiction. But for whatever reason that one may be drinking coffee, it’s always an enjoyable moment.

There are many types of coffee drinking traditions out there and preparation methods but in this article we shall not delve into that but instead stick on our lanes about eating coffee beans.

But also with the availability of benefits that can be derived from drinking this drink, there is still like there is for any other drink out there, negative publicity some of which is true but some which is nothing more than the blowing out of proportion of a matter. To put all these in perspective we shall look at both sides of the coin as we seek to give coffee drinkers out there confidence that they so much need now that blogs are coming up with a lot of unscrupulous information about coffee.

Benefits of consuming Coffee

This section is intended at looking at the benefits that coffee lovers can derive from the drinking of their favorite drink – further in the article, we’ll go and see if the same effects can be achieved by eating the beans, too.

Some of them are those that we already know and have an idea of while some are totally unknown to even the most ardent coffee lovers but we hope it will be an eye opener and probably even get more people to drink coffee.


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  1. Decreased drowsiness

In the human body, a special hormone referred to as adenosine is responsible for drowsiness and it is the reason behind why many a time’s me and you may feel drowsy after undertaking a certain activity or if we have not been having enough sleep either due to working late or having fun. Well if you the type likes to stay up late at night and still wishes to live out your day normally without the backlog of drowsiness, then coffee is the answer to all your problems.

The caffeine in coffee beans has been known to block adenosine and therefore help the drinker to shrug off any sluggishness and drowsiness that may be accompanied by lack of enough sleep or extended physical activity. I hope now we can understand why many people love to start their morning with a cup of coffee and end up being the most energetic human hubs throughout the entire day.

Let not your energy be drained again, ensure that a cup of coffee is in your hand each morning and feel free to thank me later once your days start becoming more fruitful due to the new energy charge in you.

  1. Decreased pain during workouts

I am one person who has always wanted to look great, feel great and live a great life. As a way of realizing my dreams I decided to join a local gym in the hope that locking myself down to a vigorous exercise routine I will be lucky enough to fulfill my life ambitions. Well this was so or I perceived it to be until I found out that I could keep up with the gym routine due to physical exhaustion and muscle pain and therefore like any other goal that I had set since I learnt the art of goal making, it failed once more. I just could not keep up with the pain, it was too much for me.

But sometime after I had withdrawn from the gym I came to hear of a study by one Victor Maridakis and his colleagues from the University of Georgia. In the research Victor and his team of researcher found out that consumption of caffeinated coffee before indulging in a workout activity reduced muscle pain and exhaustion by 26 to 48 percent although this depends on the type of exercise one is doing or involving themselves in.

I heard this and wanted to go back immediately and renew my gym membership though I did eventually(the gym had a killer waist trimming machine!). This phenomenon the researcher believes is due to caffeine’s immeasurable ability to block the adenosine hormone that is responsible for muscle inflammation in human beings. This means that with a cup or two of coffee before a workout, the caffeine will help to block the adenosine hormone and thus your body will be able to last longer in the gym routine as muscle pain will not be perceived easily.

  1. Improved metabolism

Caffeine in coffee has been known aid the body in it metabolic processes and thus regular coffee drinkers can be expected to have better metabolism.

Eating coffee grounds: side effects you may experience

Aside from the benefits, we shall also dissect the effects of drinking coffee in order to set the record straight on any propaganda that may be doing rounds about coffee drinking.

  1. Heartburns

Coffee beans are known to contain organic compounds known as catechols that increase the production of stomach acid which eventually if produced in large amounts for continued periods of time will result in the coffee drinker experiencing heartburns from time to time.

  1. Sleep disturbance

The continued drinking of coffee has been known to have the effect of causing insomnia patterns in its users who most times may fail to be aware that these changes are taken place in their bodies as most of them drink coffee for the sole reason that it should help them stay alert and not have to sleep too many hours.

Eating Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee cherry that grows on fruit. When the fruit is being processed, the fruit part is stripped away and the seed inside is dried either naturally or artificially and it leaves behind raw green coffee beans which still have to undergo further processing by being roasted on a scale that ranges from light to dark.

It is this process that eventually gives us the coffee beans that we all know and love and will continue to love fir ages to come. Once we have the roasted beans in our homes and restaurants, it is from there that we normally grind them and brew the resultant powder to make this drink that is a favorite to many.

Best coffee beans to eat?

The best coffee beans to eat are the best coffee beans to brew! Check out our suggestions for favorite coffees to learn more!

Can One Eat Roasted Coffee Beans?

We are all used to seeing coffee brewed in our homes and this essentially is the coffee beans that are being diluted with water or milk or any other additive that one may want to include as part of their drink. When we take coffee that has been brewed the effect of the water or the milk is to dilute the effects of the coffee and thus we get only a part of the content of what we ought to take.

By now I guess you can already know my answer to the question above, it is yes, one can eat roasted coffee beans but this needs to be done in moderation as the person who eats roasted coffee beans takes in all the content of the coffee beans without any dilution.

Eating coffee powder?

If you can eat beans, what about powder? The answer and conditions really are the same as eating coffee beans, except it will be a bit harder to swallow and eat the powder, since you’ll get a much bigger burst of intense flavor thanks to the increased surface area of the coffee now that it is ground.

With coffee beans, you’ll only taste as much as you chew, but powder is pre-chewed, so to speak, so the flavor will be much more intense.

Is Eating Coffee Beans Healthy?

Although many opinions exist about whether it is healthy to eat coffee beans and though critics may want to write of the benefits of this habit, the dominant opinion and thought line is that eating coffee beans is a healthy practice and which should be encouraged but all this with moderation. With this in mind we shall look at the health benefits of eating coffee beans.

One of the major ways in which eating coffee beans is known to be beneficial to the human body is because it is rich in antioxidant content. Coffee beans have a high content of a group of antioxidants called dietary phenolic compounds which are known and have been proven to guard the human cardiovascular system from diseases, inflammations and other effects that are bound to affect the proper functioning of the all too important system.

These antioxidants can be found in several plant-based food and drinks that can be easily accessed in grocery shops around us, coffee beans provide the best source and which can be relied upon as an easy mechanism to getting this antioxidants since coffee beans can be eaten several times in a day and the amount of antioxidants that one gets just increases with increase in the number of coffee beans that one eats. Therefore the next time you buy coffee, ask for the coffee that has not been grounded yet so that aside from just grounding eat and benefitting from drinking the brew, the coffee beans can also service you as well.

When look at coffee beans nutrition-wise, 1oz of coffee beans is estimated to contain about 13g of carbs, 85 calories and 11g of fiber which is the best bet of nutrition package that one can get from a few grains of the coffee beans.

Are There Any Bad Side Effects That May Be Experienced Due To Eating Coffee Beans?

Many a times health effects whether positive or negative especially when in referring to coffee, tend to be amplified and for this reason it is important to get the right information that will enable you know what is positive or negative. The side effects encountered when one drinks coffee are pretty much the same that are experienced when one eats coffee beans.

If for example, drinking coffee causes you to have heartburns due to excess acid that comes from caffeine, the situation is likely to be worsened by the eating of coffee beans since like we have said above there, when it comes to coffee beans we are taking in all the good and bad nutrients without diluting. The quantity of coffee beans chewed needs to be checked against if one is to avoid this.

The chewing of unregulated quantities of coffee beans can also have a laxative effect and in extreme cases it can lead to high cholesterol levels.

For those that may be pregnant, already breastfeeding or do have any medical condition that necessitates that they exclude or use in limited amounts caffeinated or acidic foods and drinks, then eating coffee beans is sure not a good idea for you because of our health. Should one be in doubt about their health when choosing to eat coffee beans then one should seek medical advice from a professional.

Should I Worry About The Caffeine Content In Coffee Beans?

As one eats coffee beans one of the most prime concerns they should have is the additional amount of caffeine that they are ingesting since it’s true to say that drinking brewed coffee means someone is taking in less caffeine than if they are chewing the coffee beans.

Caffeine has been proven through research to bear a number of benefits to its users such as protection from some types of cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and not forgetting an enhanced memory capacity. This should however not blind us to the fact that we all have different caffeine tolerance capacities and we should also bear in mind that we have the recommended safe level of caffeine for adults’ which is in the range of 400mg per day. It goes without question that kids need to keep away from caffeine. This is about four cups of coffee a day on average and maybe in comparison we out to know that coffee beans contain about 6mg of caffeine. As a health precaution one needs to keep track of how many coffee beans they are eating per day most especially if they are also drinking other caffeinated drinks.

One needs to check against passing the safe levels of caffeine as this can lead to insomnia, liver damage and at worst one can become addicted to caffeine just as one can be addicted to alcohol. If still not sure about caffeine content then it is good to know that lighter shades of coffee beans tend to contain higher levels of caffeine than the darker ones which makes the darker shades much healthier to eat. This is according to the National Coffee Association.

Can One Eat Coffee Grounds?

The answer to this is yes, coffee grounds too can be eaten(thought they may be harder to swallow!), there is absolutely no wrong in eating them, but just like the coffee beans, they too need to be consumed in moderation as their excess consumption could alter the caffeine levels in your body. It is good to know also that coffee grounds can act as a good body scrub should you ever chose to try them.

Clearly, there are benefits as well as some negative effects of eating coffee beans. As such, it is advisable to take the coffee beans in moderation so as to avoid adverse effects.

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