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50 Funny Coffee Memes to laugh all the way to the cafe

Peanut butter and jelly. Simon and Garfunkel. Mugs and cheeky slogans. Funny Coffee Memes.

Some combinations are just perfect, right?

Here are 50 hilarious memes that any coffee addict will immediately find familiar – so brew yourself a cup of a coffee, start scrolling, and enjoy!

Monday Coffee Memes

Summoning me on Monday

Dreading the traffic on Monday morning? Desperately trying to avoid the long commute? Tired of being stuck in traffic for several hours in the early morning? Why not count on the power of coffee to get you to work? Coffee has some serious summoning power, because who can say no to a fine brew?

Monday Coffee Meme

Satisfying First sip on Monday morning

Is there anything more gorgeous than your first sip of coffee in the morning? Even seals see the benefit of a nice cup of coffee, because my face looks much like this once I had that first sip. Without my first sip, I look more like a shark!

A close up of a seal Description generated with very high confidence

For every Monday there is a coffee

Monday is the worst day of the week, but coffee makes it all better. Without coffee, I forget to get in my car to get to work. I also forget to say “hello” to people and “thank you”. So, if you want me in a good mood today, grab me a good cup!

more monday coffee


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Just one cup please

Is your other half giving you grief for drinking too much coffee? There is no reason why you cannot have your right amount of brew, because this amazing cup keeps it to one cup of coffee a day! It might be a bit large, but all good things come in a big package!

just one cup meme

Anger management

Upset with a co-worker? Does your partner drive you crazy? No need to spend lots of money on therapy or anger management classes, because coffee is just as good! So, a cup of coffee a day can keep the therapist at bay!

angry coffee meme

A sexy drink

Wine and champagne are not the only sexy drinks on the market, because they have some serious competition in coffee! The latest sexy drink? A genuine Ejacu-Latte, perfect for first dates, but also for couples who want to spice things up in their relationship! Best thing of all? Coffee is a whole lot cheaper than champagne!

ejacu latte meme

Coffee is serious business

Coffee is not a joke, it is a lifestyle! Everyone with a unique appreciation for coffee should have this on their social media page; this to detect the other coffee connoisseurs out there. There’s no space for casual drinkers, because we take our coffee seriously!

taking coffee seriously meme

Even Smeagol needs coffee

Who needs to have the one ring to rule them all when you have a premium cup of coffee? Smeagol agrees, because even he would drop the one ring for a cup of coffee! So, if your family or friends are arguing? Solve all problems and bridge the divide with a cup of java!

gollum coffee lord of the rings

Star Wars Coffee

The galaxies far far away in the Star Wars universe would have been a much better place if everyone had access to caffeine. Even Darth Vader would have been a much more agreeable person if he drank a cup of coffee in the morning. Princess Leia also would have been less whiny!

star wars princess leia coffee meme

Coffee makes you awesome

Experiencing a lack of confidence in the morning? Constantly doubting yourself, and is it affecting your day? The only remedy is a good cup of coffee! Boost your confidence, feel fantastic and let the caffeine take you to new heights, even if you’ve just woken up!

awesome coffee meme

Memes of coffee and cats

Coffee and the tabby

Can’t do anything without your first cup of coffee in the morning? Neither can this tabby cat, because his energy levels depend on the quality of his brew! So, follow the example of this cat and get your energy levels up with a fine brew in the morning. Miaow!

coffee cat

Even the cat wants coffee

Coffee plays a big part in our household. Even our cat has a morning cup of coffee. I did notice some changes in Mittens though. Before she started drinking coffee in the morning, she would let me cuddle her. Now, she makes me wait until the cup is empty!

cat sitting next to coffee

Grumpy cat coffee

Feeling like grumpy cat in the morning? Or are your friends claiming you’re always in a bad mood? Who needs friends when you have a good cup of coffee at your disposal? Of course, coffee can also make you feel a little less moody, so make sure the friends you have left know not to talk to you before you had your coffee!

grumpy cat coffee

Wet cat coffee

When I don’t get my cup of coffee, I feel like a wet cat! So, if this image looks horrific to you and you do not want to encounter me like this, make sure you buy me a nice selection of coffee for my birthday this year!

wet cat coffee

Benefits of coffee

Coffee has proven to have numerous health benefits, so you should never feel guilty again about drinking your favourite brew. Of course, there are some benefits you did not even consider. More specifically, it’s delicious and a great tool for procrastinating!

coffee benefits

Coffee and tiny owls

Always lacking energy? Has your up-and-go up-and-left? Get some serious energy with your favourite cup of coffee! Several experts agree, including this cute little owl who just has his first coffee experience! Want to get as alert as this little guy? Head to the store now and grab your favourite brew!

coffee owl

Batman coffee

Have you been struggling with the question is you need coffee or not? If so, then you can use this amazing diagram to determine if it is time for a cup! Please note, this diagram is not suitable for batman, since there is a separate diagram to display his coffee needs.

batman coffee

Coffee first thing in morning

Struggling to find the perfect first sentence in the morning? Do you find it difficult to find the right words? Your first words should always be words that enable you to get your favourite brew quickly! So, everyone shut up and get me my coffee!

morning coffee quote


Are your colleagues accusing you of procrastinating when you are having your morning coffee? It is not procrastinating, it is procaffinating! Without procaffinating, you are not at your peak performance, nor can you be nice. So, procaffinating is a thing that should be implemented in every work place!


Coffee helps you put on pants

Denying me my first cup of coffee in the morning is like denying me air. I need coffee to remember to get dressed and to be in a good mood. So, unless you want me showing up to work without pants and in a horrible mood, you should give me my coffee right now!

coffee and pants

Doing stupid things with more energy

I may do a lot of stupid things, but I do them with style with a cup of coffee in the morning. Yes, I might not be a rocket scientist, but with a cup of coffee I’m still the queen of dumb people!

stupidity with coffee

We need water for coffee

We honestly must take care when using water, instead of wasting it. If I don’t have water, I cannot make my cup of coffee. And when I don’t get my cup of coffee, then the world is in some serious trouble. So, next time you consider wasting water, think about me not getting my morning cup!

coffee and water

Braveheart and coffee

I honestly don’t care if they take away my alcohol or even my favourite block of cheese, but nobody will take away my coffee! I will fight for freedom Braveheart-style! Only difference? I will win for coffee!

coffee braveheart meme

Vicious coffee cycle

Having trouble getting out of bed as well? The only thing that works for me is getting to my first cup of coffee. My first cups make me feel wonderful, and makes me get out of bed. So, instead of asking if you should stay in bed longer, think about how fast you can get to the coffee machine.

need coffee to wake up

Weirdness and caffeine

Coffee is the perfect beverage for weird people like me. When you don’t drink it, you’re a witch. When you do drink it, you’re buzzing. So, why not announce coffee as the national drink for weird people, so we can spot each other a little easier in the streets?

caffeine and weirdness

Coffee is very understanding

I don’t like stupid questions; this is one of the reasons why I only interact with my coffee. People may look at me weird, but at least I don’t have to deal with the stupid question “Should you be drinking this much coffee?” At least coffee understands.

Coffee is very understanding

I drink water…through coffee

Every doctor I’ve visited tells me I need to drink more water. I resent that comment, because I genuinely drink a lot of it! Of course, it goes through my finest selection of coffee grinds first! Let’s face it, caffeinated water tastes a lot better than water from the tap.

I drink water...through coffee

Waking up to drink coffee

I don’t get why people say they cannot wake up in the morning, especially when there is a nice cup of coffee waiting for you! So, instead of drinking coffee to wake up, why don’t you wake up to drink coffee? Words of wisdom my friends!

Waking up to drink coffee

How much coffee is “enough?”

I always struggle getting enough coffee during the day. Even this new cup I bought does not give me the amount of coffee I want and need. Here’s an idea? Why don’t we fill our ocean with coffee? At least us avid coffee drinkers would have enough of their favourite brew for a change.

giant coffee cup

Silently screaming for coffee

They say a yawn is a sign that your body is tired. They say it could be down to a lack of sleep, or a poor diet. I disagree, because a yawn is truly a silent scream for coffee! Who needs sleep when you can have a nice brew instead?

yawning coffee

Even my coffee needs a coffee!

I truly had an exhausting day. How exhausting? Well, even my coffee looked exhausted! Well, there is only one solution – get my coffee some extra friends such as the Venti Coffee, Death Wish Coffee or a large coffee with a turbo shot. That’s the stuff!

coffee needs coffee too

Woeful polar bear

One of my colleagues at work drank the last cup of coffee! How can they do that? Don’t they realise that I need coffee to live? Oh well, time for a break and off to Starbucks to get my “oxygen”.

woeful polar bear


People underestimate the importance of coffee. Did you know even the dictionary recognises the importance of coffee in our daily lives? It even has a special section mentioning coffeegasm, a term you are familiar with if you cannot wake up without a cup of coffee in the morning. Not familiar with the term yet? Grab your first cup of coffee in the morning to find out what it means!


Magic beans and fairytales

A lot of people complain there is no magic in their life. They are wrong though. Just think about it! You have a cup of magic beans and simply add some water to get the most amazing drink you ever tasted. How is this not magical?

magic beans

The Shining

I’m the nicest person on the planet when there’s coffee. However, when someone drunk the last cup, I turn into something nobody wants to be around. The moral of this story? Don’t steal my coffee people!

the shining coffee

Crying over spilt coffee

Went to my favourite coffee haunt this morning and saw someone spill a whole cup. I lost my damn mind! Man, you can spill as much milk as you want, but don’t waste a good brew this early in the morning!

crying over spilt coffee

Coffee’s bitch

Every morning I wake up, my coffee honestly speaks to me and says, “you’re my bitch”. Of course, I honestly don’t mind this side of it, because I drink her in the end!

coffees bitch

Everything is shaking!

Things are so much more interesting when you are a regular coffee drinker. Not only do you have tons more energy and feel happier after having your first cup, when you drink enough of your favourite brew, the world starts to shake! Who needs chill pills when you have coffee?

planet shaking coffee


I always wondered what the purpose of decaf coffee is. It does not give you the same taste as a regular cup, it does not give you energy and your mood does not improve? Let’s face it, decaf is not coffee, decaf coffees are lies!

decaf coffee meme

Cinderella Coffee

Without coffee, I’m the evil stepmother out of snow white, Cruella De Ville hunting for puppies, Captain Hook trying to kill Peter or Scar ruining Simba’s life. With coffee, I’m Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Princess Aurora and freakin Cinderella. So, people better get me my coffee!

coffee cinderella

Coffee = AWESOME

When people ask me why I drink so much coffee, I could say it’s because the numerous health benefits and the energy it provides. Instead, I just make the obvious statement and tell them I drink so much coffee, because coffee is just plain fucking awesome.

coffee is awesome

Coffee weather forecast

Are you in a bad mood? Is life getting you down? Fortunately, the weatherman has released a forecast that will change your life forever – 100% chance of coffee. Is coffee finally coming from the sky? Has the almighty expresso machine heard my prayers?

Coffee weather forecast

The Bat Signal

Even Batman works long nights. He tried everything to stay awake a little longer and put a couple more baddies in prison. Unfortunately, Batman slept on the job last night, so he has customised the Batman signal with “Bring Coffee”.

bat signal

Coffee & to-do lists

Do you feel like coffee is controlling your life? Do you often get negative comments about your coffee consumption? No need to quit drinking coffee! Simply add coffee to your daily to-do list and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment at the end of it!

coffee to do list

Who needs sleep when you have coffee?

People who drink coffee often get criticised for drinking too much of the stuff. All I can say is this! Coffee drinkers get a lot more done in the day than non-coffee drinkers. We are always in a happy mood after our first cup as well. Conclusion? Coffee makes us better people.

coffee and sleep

Sarcasm filter

Most people don’t realise that the filtering of coffee does not happen in the coffee maker, it happens in the human body. Once you “believe” you filtered your coffee, you consume it.

Then, the body goes through a complicated process where the coffee goes in the body, and sarcasm comes out!

coffee sarcasm filter

Wholesome coffee

Coffee is my best friend. Why? His presence is positively addicting. He always supports me in drinking more liquids. When I encounter him first thing in the morning, I get in a better mood. When he is not around, I feel positively horrible. Conclusion? We all need friends like coffee.

wholesome best friend coffee

Even the coffee was surprised

I woke up so early this morning, the birds weren’t even singing yet outside. It was still dark, and I wondered what I would do with the extra time I had. I decided to have my coffee a little earlier than usual, but even my coffee friend was shocked I was up this time of the day.

waking up early coffee meme


Alert! A new disease is going around that is caused by a lack of coffee! Depresso is characterised by symptoms such as severe mood swings, a lack of conversation, death stares and general antisocial behaviour. Avoid falling victim to this illness by stocking up on coffee today!


Keeping you out of prison

People don’t realise that coffee is the perfect way to stop crime. After a cup of coffee, people are much happier and less likely to kill someone. So, why throw money at reform programs and reintegration when you could just as well serve them a cup of coffee?

coffee keeps you out of prison

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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