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Coffee filter storage ideas: 7 neat ways to keep organized

Are you a real coffee fanatic with countless filters laying around? Would you like a better way to store your coffee filters and are you looking for coffee filter storage that matches your needs? No need to worry, because we have some outstanding suggestions for you today!

Storing your filters in the right way can help you make a better looking and more organized coffee station, too!

7 Best coffee filter storage containers

1. OXO Good Grips Airtight Pop Round Canister

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend an exuberant amount of money to get a storage solution for your coffee filters. Some are extremely affordable and can hold all your coffee filters with the greatest of ease.

One of the affordable options is the OXO Good Grips Airtight Pop Round Canister. As the name suggests, this particular coffee filter storage solution is airtight and is unlikely to affect the quality of your filters. You don’t have to mess around with handles either, as this filter holder simply pops open.

Please note that the OXO Canister is also a favorite for food storage. So, even when you decide to put your coffee filter collection somewhere else, you will always find a use for this favorite storage solution.

2. CAFEMASY Coffee Filter Holder

Some coffee filter designs have been around for many years and are still some of the best options for your coffee station today. One such an option is the CAFEMASY Coffee Filter Holder.

The CAFEMASY has a classic design that makes it easy to store but also take your coffee filters from the holder . It is ideal for filter paper, as it comes with a special cover that protects your filter paper against dust and moisture.

3. AuldHome Enamelware Coffee Filter Holder

While the designs of most filter paper holders are quite beautiful already, some filter paper containers are made with decoration purposes in mind. One such as filter paper container is the AuldHome Enamelware Coffee Filter Holder.

The AuldHome coffee filter container sports a farmhouse chic design. The container has coffee written on the front and a cone-shaped design, which fits all your filter paper perfectly. You can also mount this container on the wall, which makes getting your coffee filter a lot easier!

4. Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder

Some homeowners provide minimalist storage solutions in a natural color and material. If you prefer a natural color and a more minimalist look, we are sure you will appreciate the Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder.

As the name suggests, the Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder is made from a natural bamboo material and therefore provides a neutral color. The beautiful color is also enhanced through a small layer of varnish.

The Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder is our first option that looks a little different from the traditional designs. While it looks increase minimalist, you will get plenty of use from this one. After all, you can use it to store up to a 100 coffee filter papers!

Like some of the other options mentioned in this overview, the Bamboo coffee filter container is freestanding; this means you do not need any additional mounting tools or brackets.

5. Unibene Bamboo Coffee Filter Container

Do you like traditional options, but want to benefit from a more minimalist design? Fortunately, you can find a combination of the two with the Unibene Bamboo Coffee Filter Container.

If you have different coffee filters in your home, then you could use a container that enables you to keep these filters as separate as much as possible. Fortunately, you will find this option with Ubinene. With this container, you can store multiple coffee filters while keeping them separate.

The Ubinene bamboo container also has a really good capacity. As you can store 140 coffee filters of various sizes, this container will be suitable for even the most hardcore coffee lovers.

6. ARGENTA Walnut Cone Coffee Container

Manufacturers are getting more original with ways to mount coffee containers to a wall. First, we would like to introduce you to the ARGENTA Walnut Cone Coffee Container, which is mounted to the wall by a magnet!

Even though the ARGENTA is only suitable for cone filters and not any other items, those who use cone coffee filters will adore this particular option. The containers is made from a stunning combination of brass and black walnut, which will blend perfectly in any kitchen.

Contrary to some of the other containers we’ve mentioned for cone filters, the ARGENTA can only hold onto 80. Nevertheless, it can still hold three sizes; this includes #1, #2, #4.

7. KOVOT Coffee Pod Holder And Organizer Mug

If you have coffee pods instead of filters, we want to mention this particular option for your kitchen. This wired coffee pod container gives you all the storing room you need for a variety of items; this includes of items such as coffee pods, but it can also be used for filters.

The KOVOT Coffee Pod Holder and Organizer also contains a beautiful design. It has a metal plate in the middle, which spells the word coffee and has a cup image. In other words, this container will look beautiful in any kitchen.

Additional Original Coffee Containers

Now that we provided you with some ideas for all your filters, let’s take a look at some cool coffee containers too. Just like your filters, you need a proper place to store your coffee. After all, you don’t want it to be affected by sunlight or other environmental factors that could affect the flavor.

1. OXO Good Grips Airtight Pop Container

This airtight container will protect your coffee like none other, and it is quite affordable too! The material blocks 99% of all UV rays and can hold 1 lb of your favorite beans.

In addition to the protective material, you can also count on the convenient design of this container. As it has rounded corners, it can be used for pouring very easily.

2. The Gator Cannister

When you like that perfect combination of traditional shapes and modern colors, you cannot miss out on the Gator Cannister. The Gator Cannister is designed to keep coffee as fresh as possible, and uses a stainless steel construction to do just that.

The Gator Cannister is made without BPA, and this is beneficial for your valuable coffee collection. Since coffee actually emits CO2, the design of the cannister releases that CO2 without leaving in oxygen that can influence the beans or grind.

One of the additional handy features of the Gator Cannister is the calendar on top of the lid. That’s right, this option comes with its own calendar! This means coffee lovers can track how long beans or grounds have been in the cannister. Using the calendar can also reduce any wasted grounds or beans by keeping a close eye on the date.

3. The HOKEKI Vault Jar

Another original option you will find out there is the HOKEKI Vault Jar. The jar is designed especially for dry goods such as ground beans, flour, sugar, and other food items that could become affected by sunlight or moisture.

As you may have expected already, the HOKEKI Vault Jar has the valuable CO2 valve that most of these coffee jars have. As mentioned with our previous option, the HOKEKI Vault Jar can remove the CO2 produced by coffee, while keeping oxygen at bay. As always, the release valve is completely free of BPAs.

The manufacturers of the HOKEKI Vault Jar have also thought about user-friendliness. In the design of this vault jar, you will find a premium coffee spoon and an accompanying slot to put it in. So, the time where you had to search for that spoon or scoop is completely over!

Like some of the previous options mentioned today, the HOKEKI Vault Jar comes with its own calendar, enabling you to set the storing date or the expiry date. Once again, this can prevent waste and ensure you can enjoy your favorite coffee beans when they are still fresh.

4. The Veken Coffee Canister

If you like the HOKEKI Vault Jar, but want to keep your options open, you can have a look at the Veken Canister as well. The Veken Canister has many similarities compared to the HOKEKI, but comes with a slightly different design.

The Veken Canister has a CO2 valve that is made with silicone rubber. The rubber used for the valve is also free of BPA, ensuring your fine coffee beans remain unaffected when they are stored in here.

While the Veken Canister may look quite compact on the outside, it does have quite a reasonable capacity. You will find that this particular option can store a whopping 45 cups of coffee, so you can brew quite a bit when you choose this option.

A Final Word…

When it comes to coffee filter storage or even coffee storage, it is important to choose quality containers and jars. After all, oxygen and even sunlight can ruin good coffee in a heartbeat. Fortunately, the suggestions we provided you with today will give you a thorough overview of the features you need and the designs that will protect your cuppa against flavor-destroying components.

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