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Coffee Brewing Methods: Make the best coffee of your life

Coffee brewing methods 101

At their core, all coffee brewing methods seem the same: making water interact with coffee grounds.

But the small nuances between one brewing method and the next can make all the difference in the world, which is why brewing coffee is so rewarding and challenging.

There are many coffee brewing methods out there, but we've collected the most popular and easy to follow methods in the post.

What kind of coffee will you make next?

Coffee brewing methods: the basics

Below, you'll find our in-depth guides for the most popular brewing methods: pour over with the Hario V60, french press, stovetop percolators, and cold brew.

We have a dedicated section to espresso that you can see here.

Essentially, there are three methods of brewing: immersion, gravity, and pressure. All coffee brewing methods take one of these principles and build up on it.


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French press and cold brew, for example, are immersion brews.

Aeropress, moka pot, and espresso are all pressure brews.

Finally, pour over and drip coffee are gravity brews.

The devil is in the details, though. What kind of coffee beans you use, how fine or coarse the grounds are, and of course, the brewing technique itself will greatly influence the kind of coffee that ends up in your cup.

We've put these guides together to help you brew coffee like a barista. So whether your fondest coffee memories are from a Starbucks, a small joint in Bedford Hill, or an exotic cafe in Paris, our goal is to try to help you make barista-standard coffee at home.

Maybe you'll end up making your own cafe out of your kitchen, where people can come and hang out on the weekend as you make them unforgettable coffees!

Brewing coffee without a coffee maker

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