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28 Best Local Coffee Roasters That You Can Order From Online

As an aspiring barista I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that two things are critical for great coffee. The best coffee beans are freshly roasted and also freshly ground. So in this post, we’ll list the some of the best local coffee roasters you can get your coffee from.

By now, I hope you’re not picking up coffee from your local supermarket(unless you can find actual freshly roasted coffee, don’t go for the big name brands).

Since many of the smaller, craft roasters don’t really come across on our radar in everyday life, we went ahead and picked out 27 roasters that produce some of the best coffee beans around. These guys all roast in small batches, source their coffee with diligence and care(learn how you can support coffee farmers here), and pack a lot of freshness and flavor into every bag they ship out.

Plus, they’re all online stores so you can order from them no matter where you are(at least in North America, though I’m sure some do ship internationally as well).

So with that being said, here they are…

Best Local Coffee Roasters: 28 Companies To Try

Note: These are in no particular order. The numbering is only for organizing purposes. Try them all 🙂

1. Maquina Coffees

Maquina coffee stands for quality, but also for sustainability and fair trade. It is one of the coffee brands that can be traced from beginning to end, and you feel good while having your coffee to boots. The company also provides subscriptions, which means you can get one, two, or three bags of their delicious coffee every month for a lower price! An additional plus is that you do not have to worry about your next coffee order either, as it is taken care of for you.

This roaster has quite a few coffee options available, but our pick is Parts & Labor!

2. Equator Coffees

Even though Equator Coffees has quite a standout logo when it comes to coffee, they are all about how coffee can connect people. The roaster has a number of cafes and even a wholesale where you can purchase larger quantities of their amazing coffee. Like the previous roaster, they also provide a subscription. In this subscription, you can choose your monthly delivery of single origin, espresso, fair trade organic, decaf, instant coffee, and even your favorite blends. The roaster also allows you to select your preferred grind before checking out.

For true coffee lovers, we recommend the exquisite Colombia Cerro Azul Enano.

3. Camber Coffee

When you love the perfect combination of sweet, complex and balanced coffee flavors, then you cannot miss out on coffee from the well-known roaster Camber. The roaster is known for its “connoisseur” vibe, so it is no surprise that you can find many Camber cafes across the globe.

Upon tasting the coffee from Camber, you will notice a lot of cozy and warm tastes; this is complemented by the welcoming aroma which reminds you of home. All Camber coffees have those characteristics.

4. Big Shoulder Coffee

The name Big Shoulder Coffee is synonymous with freshly roasted coffee beans, which are shipped directly to customers. They are also known among connoisseurs; this since Big Should Coffee has produced a number of award-winning coffee beans.

Since there are a lot of different coffee beans with award-winning status, you can also count on Big Shoulder Coffee for so-called bundle deals. Instead of paying full price for a bag of coffee, you can enjoy a much better deal when buying them in a bundle of four or six.

We have many favorites at Big Shoulder Coffee, but anyone should try one of the best coffees of 2018 from their catalogue – The Burundi Buhorwa.

5. PT’s Coffee

PT’s Coffee is a roaster who received the National Macro Roaster Of The Year award in 2009. The roaster is also about fair trade, as 80% of their entire coffee range is obtained from their direct trade program; this means that their beans are acquired directly from the farmers who grow them.

There are lots of different coffee beans to discover from this roaster as well. They specialize in single-origin specialty coffees, but also offer some signature blends that are sold by retailers and wholesalers across the world. If you want to try a special coffee from this roaster, be sure to try them!

6. Noble Tree Coffee

If you want a roaster who is just as passionate about coffee as you are, then Noble Tree Coffee might be the ticket for you. The brand has done years of research into specialty coffees and bean qualities on their farms in Brazil, creating some of the best, most delicious, and high-quality coffees.

Since their founding, Noble Tree has travelled the world in search of the perfect coffee bean, and this has resulted in many outstanding coffee flavors. Even though there are many to choose from, our personal favorite is also a holiday favorite, the Brazil Reverence Espresso.

7. Ruby Coffee Roasters

Ruby Coffee Roasters are quite famous along the West Coast, as this has been the been the base of operations for their first micro roasting business. What started in the garage of the founder, ended up being one of the most successful coffee roasters in the country. The roaster has built quite a successful brand. Even though it has only been around since 2013, this roaster has the makings of becoming the biggest.

Once again, there are lots of gems in the Ruby Coffee Roasters range. However, our personal favorite is the latest Creamery Seasonal Blend, an easy-drinking coffee that packs quite the artisanal punch.

8. Cafe Grumpy

The logo of Café Grumpy stands out like no other, but so does their coffee selection! The roaster works directly with the farmers who grow the coffee, which makes their coffee sustainable as well as fair trade. On top of that, they also provide the highest quality coffee beans from around the world, so it is no surprise that many coffee connoisseurs and coffee fanatics prefer this Café Grumpy coffee over all other roasters.

As is the case with successful roasters, there is a wide variety of coffee blends to choose from. However, our top pick remains the versatile and Columbian brand Momentum.


9. Olympia Coffee

Looking for more honest and fair-trade deals where coffee is concerned? If so, Olympia Coffee is another option to try. The roaster recently obtained the Certified B Corporation label, which means this brand is dedicated to improving the life of coffee farmers, staff, and even their customers.

Olympia Coffee provides both regular and organic blends. Their coffee beans are obtained from around the world, with their most popular blends being grown in San Sebastian. Our favorite and top pick from this roaster is the Sweetheart San Sebastian, a coffee blend characterized by caramelized sugar, apple, and delicious chocolate.


For access to many of these and more coffee roasters, check out Trade Coffee for personalized recommendations. You can also read our review here.

10. Distant Lands Coffee

Distant Lands Coffee provides you with exceptional quality, as their specialization is custom roasting. The roaster obtained premium green coffee beans from the farmer and turns them into some of the most delightful coffee blends money can buy.

The roaster has several roasting facilities in Seattle and Tyler. Since the company provides custom roasts, there is no dedicated coffee blend to recommend. That being said, their custom roasting gives you access to Arabica coffee, but also options from Costa Rica, Columbia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Brazil, and Ethiopia. If you want to obtain a coffee roast that matches your personal tastes, you are bound to find it with this roaster.

11. Fourth Dimension Coffee

Looking for meticulous single origin coffee that will fit your personal taste preferences perfectly? Look no further than Fourth Dimension Coffee. With their base in Michigan, this roaster has been pushing the boundaries of the single origin coffee for years.

The roaster’s coffee is easily recognized by its bold blue color on the packet and its rocket logo. Of course, you can also recognize this coffee roaster through its use of many coffee bean varieties from around the world. Want to try the uniqueness Fourth Dimension has to offer? Be sure to try their Gran Golpe coffee.

12. Hot Box Coffee

Hot Box roasters are counted among the most critically acclaimed roasters in the United States. The roaster received outstanding reviews in media such as The New York Times, Food & Wine, Esquire, Daily Coffee News, and even The Washington Poster.

The Hot Box brand was only launched in 2015 by Oskar Blues Brewery’s founder. However, its recent arrival does not mean they cannot compete with the other major coffee roasters out there. If you want to try some of their unique coffee, why not try their Nitro Cold Brew, which actually come in a recyclable can and gives you a whole new take on craft coffee.

13. Bird Rock Coffee

Bird Rock coffee roasters is undoubtedly a recommendation for lovers of artisanal coffee. While many roasters focus solely on the medium and darker roasts, this coffee brand provides you with some delicate light roasts too. You can also select your grind option when you order online, giving you access to your favorite coffee grind and flavors!

Kercha woreda is one of our top picks, because this coffee is quite special indeed. Providing a blend of key lime, jasmine, and mango. Made from the heirloom variety and washed during the production process, these Oromia beans will undoubtedly impress like no other.

14. Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea

Vermont Artisan Coffee provides some of the most delightful specialty coffees. The roaster was founded by none other than Mané Alves, a man who travelled the world to find some of its best coffee beans. The roaster now provides its own range of coffee beans and blends for individuals as well as businesses and wholesalers.

This roaster provides dark roasts, single source coffees, and also a range of signature blends. If you want to get familiar with the house style of this roaster, there are dozens of coffee beans to try. However, our personal favorite is the rich and decadent Nomad Blend.

15. Firebean Coffee

Some of the best craft coffees can be found at Firebean Coffee. There are many special things about this roastery, but one of the most amazing things is that they roast their coffee in a traditional style; this through the use of wood fire and a manual power.

Firebean Coffee provides that artisan craft coffee that is impossible to obtain through automatic production processes. As you can imagine, there are many different options in their range that coffee connoisseurs simply have to try. If you want to discover this brand, you can find it with local retailers such as Fireweed Community Market.

16. No Name Java

This roaster does not need a name to make it big, as this is certainly one of the better green bean coffee roasters out there. From providing coffee from Kenya and Columbia to unique Brazilian options, coffee lovers can find it all with No Name Java.

The family-owned roast has lots of coffee to offer, even though this is a family-owned and operated company. Since they specialize in gourmet coffees from around the world, you can expect the unexpected. One of our personal favorites from their extensive collection? The Sumatra Mandheling, a coffee with a low acidity but a syrupy body!

17. Brooklyn Roasting Company

Another coffee roaster that provides sustainable coffees from all around the world is the Brooklyn Roasting Company. Awarded with certification from fair trade, rainforest alliance, USDA, and Kosher, a large range of coffee lovers who value these aspects in their coffee will be able to benefit from the coffees this brand offers.

When it comes to the different coffee flavors included in their range, you will find that the flavors and aromas are incredibly diverse. One of the more unique options in their range is the Ethiopian Natural, a delightful light roast. While you would expect a regular Ethiopian coffee, we urge you to try it!

18. Qualia Coffee

Some small batch coffee roasters tend to provide some of the highest quality blends with the finest tastes. One of the small batch roasters that certainly meets that description is Qualia Coffee, a roaster with its head-office in DC.

Qualia Coffee does not focus on a single varietal, as they successfully provide coffee beans from around the world. Taking into account altitude, humidity, and other aspects of microclimates around the world where coffee is grown, Qualia has some of the most complex coffee blends in this overview. Try them out!

19. Shearwater Organic Coffee

Do you prefer an USDA coffee roaster that only produces organic coffee? Look no further than Shearwater Coffee Roasters, who only offer 100% organic coffee in heat-sealed bags. The company also enables you to choose from coffees from various locations; this includes Central America, South America, East Africa, Ethiopia, and even Indonesia.

To help you make your decision when shopping for your monthly coffee supply, Shearwater Coffee Roasters always provides you with a featured roasts for inspiration. Of course, we do have our personal favorites as well. In this case, it is the Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Natural, obtained from East Africa.

20. Java Love Roasters

Java Love Coffee prides itself on the fact that it is a brand with integrity. The coffee blends are invented by the woman who owns the company, someone with a passion for coffee as well as connecting with the community through the use of quality coffee.

In addition to being a passionate coffee roaster, it is important to mention that Java Love Coffee is also a roaster that produces sustainably. All coffees are also handcrafted, which certainly makes a difference where quality is concerned. If you want to try it yourself, be sure to choose our favorite from their catalogue, the Bad Ass Brew.

21. Fazenda Coffee

This coffee roaster from Massachusetts has loads to offer. First of all, you can count on seasonal beans of the highest quality. Secondly, you can count on coffee that is produced in small batches, ensuring superior quality for those coffee connoisseurs.

The range of Fazenda coffee roaster is available online, but this coffee is also being served and sold in coffee shops, bakeries, specialty retailers, and fine restaurants. If you are interested in trying one of their staples, check out the Brazil – Forca Café Blend, a popular choice during the months of May and June.

22. Boyers Coffee

Boyer’s Coffee has been around for quite some time and they are quite known among coffee connoisseurs. They specialize in the slow roast and slow cool of coffee beans obtained from high altitudes. Each of the batches is also checked by their roaster Ken, which ensures that each batch means the Boyer’s Coffee standard.

Interestingly, the standards used in the production process of Boyer’s Coffee have been around since 1915; this is in the year their Burns Jubilee Roaster was built. Since this old roaster is solely used for their vintage roasts, we therefore urge you to try their vintage range. Of course, you can also go for the extremely popular Breakfast Blend Coffee.

23. Meta Coffee Lab

If you have not heard of Meta Coffee Lab before, it is certainly time to get to know them. While the company is relatively new, the couple behind the coffee roaster are Suzanne and Mike, who have an amazing passion for coffee and all the flavors it can provide.

The couple takes pride in producing coffee by knowledge and know-how, and this certainly shows in the coffee they offer. Quality is paramount for them, so coffee connoisseurs will not be disappointed when they purchase the Meta Coffee Lab roasts. One of our recommendations? The Barrel Aged Series – Columbia Huila!

24. Dillanos Coffee Roasters

Want to try coffee from the people who won the 2019 United States Barista Championship? If so, you should visit Dillanos coffee. Traditional methods complemented by new flavors and a modern twist, this is how we would describe the amazing range of Dillanos Coffee.

Dillanos coffee offers the full range of complex coffees for connoisseurs who that that little bit more. From delightfully aromatic and sweet light roasts to slightly more bitter dark roasts with sharper tastes, you can find them all at Dillanos. Of course, if we have to pick one, we urge you to try their Dillanos Original Medium Roast.

25. Java Planet

Java Planet is one of the largest manufacturers of organic coffee, even though the business is family owned. The company has received certifications from fair trade, rainforest alliance, and many others, ensuring this is an organic brand you can put your trust in.

With Java Planet, you can still gain access to a monthly subscription of coffee; this enables coffee lovers to save big on their favorite coffees, even when buying craft or artisanal coffee options. If you want to try one of their finest options, be sure not to miss out on the Black and Tan Organic Blend.

26. Nossa Familia Coffee

As the name suggests, the Nossa Family coffee roaster is all about family. It focusses on the production of exceptional coffee, which in turn creates exceptional relationships. Each day, the company roasts its quality coffee beans, which have been sourced with the greatest care from their farms in Brazil.

Nossa is also a roaster that supports the future of coffee farming in Brazil. They support the local farmers, but also the communities that surround them. If you are interested in supporting this quality brand as well, try their Full Cycle Signature Blend!

27. Manzanita Roasting

Our final recommendation today is Manzanita Roasting, a roaster who uses coffee beans from Colombia and Africa for its amazing range of coffees. The company is owned by Weston and Samantha, who interestingly enough have a background in wine. Of course, this expertise has certainly provided benefits when it comes down to creating coffee.

Like some other roasters mentioned here today, Manzanita Roasting also provides the subscription option, giving you access to their range for a reduced price. If you are looking to try something special from this roaster, be sure to check the Burundi Long Miles Project Red Honey.

28. Blackout Coffee

Blackout Coffee is a USA-based roaster that is dedicated to a noble cause: supporting the troops. For every bag of coffee purchased, they donate two cups of coffee, as a way for every customer to say thank you.

They’ve got lots of great small batch coffee with catchy, tactical names, and if you’re into flavored coffees, they’ve got a nice selection of those as well.

I have tried their Cold brew blend and their pitch black espresso blend and found the flavors to be quite pleasant. The cold brew blend worked well for both hot and cold brew and I used an Aeropress. I’ve also tried their high caffeine blend, which is a helluva kick but I tend to save it for special occasions as I can only safely have one cup of coffee in the whole day then!


By supporting local coffee roasters, you get to help local businesses and you get high quality, fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep. Once you have the coffee, brew it however you like, or even try eating coffee beans!

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