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How to Clean Ninja Coffee Bar Machines In Two Steps

The easy cleaning and descaling process of a Ninja Coffee Bar is one of the reason it is the most loved product in comparison to other coffee machines. In this post, we’ll show you the easy method for how to clean Ninja Coffee Bar machines in 2 easy steps so that your machine lasts longer and cleaner. And your coffee will taste fresher, too!

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How to clean Ninja Coffee Bar in 2 steps

Cleaning your Ninja Bar is easier than actually preparing your coffee in the machine! There are 2 simple ways to do it:

  • You can either descale using a mixture of descaling solution/citric acid and water
  • Or you can descale using a solution of white vinegar and water

How to clean Ninja Coffee Bar with descaling solution

  1. Buy a decent descaling solution from a supermarket or online. You can also use lemon juice or citric acid pellets dissolved in water.
  2. Check the label on the solution bottle to identify how much water you need to dilute the solution. For citric acid pellets, dissolve one tablespoon into one gallon of water.
  3. Pour the solution and water into the water reservoir of your Ninja Coffee Bar up to the “max fill” level.
  4. Put the carafe under the brew basket.
  5. Turn the dial on the machine to “Full Carafe” (extreme right).
  6. Press the “Clean Button”.

How to clean Ninja Coffee Bar with vinegar

  1. You will need around 16 fluid ounces which is approximately 470 ml of white vinegar for this. Don’t try cleaning your coffee bar with any other kind of vinegar. Only white vinegar will work for descaling.Pour vinegar into the water reservoir up to the  “travel mug” line (the second line from the bottom).
  2. Pour water above it until you hit the “max fill”.
  3. Put the carafe under the brew basket.
  4. Turn the dial on the machine to “Full Carafe” (extreme right).
  5. Press the “Clean Button”.

Flushing the Ninja Coffee Bar with clean water

  1. As you will press the clean button the letters “CLN” and a countdown timer will appear on the clock display of the machine.
  2. Do not press any other buttons while the machine is in the cleaning mode.
  3. Wait for the word “Flush” to appear on the display screen.
  4. Empty the carafe into the sink after the machine flashes “flush”. Be careful when pouring the liquid in the carafe into the sink in every flush. It will be hot, just like your freshly-brewed coffee.
  5. Note – For complete descaling the machine will need approximately an hour. However time may vary depending upon your model
  6. Put the carafe back under the brew basket.
  7. Fill the water reservoir up to the max fill line with fresh water and click the clean button again. Do not add any descaling solution or white vinegar.
  8. Wait for approximately 8 minutes for the first flush.
  9. Empty the carafe again into the sink.
  10. Repeat the flush cycles at least twice in total – this will help in removing all the vinegar or the descaling solution out of the whole coffee bar.
  11. More the flushes – better will be your machines cleaning.

Why should you Clean (Descale) your Ninja Coffee Bar?

Coffee machine maintenance is a must. Preparing coffee and then just rinsing your coffee bar is not enough. Once every two to three months, you need to descale your coffee maker. And if you are a heavy coffee drinker than you need to clean it once a week. The reason is hard water and other water particles that accumulate in the machine.

Hard water is the root cause of calcium deposits. And however efficient RO system you have installed in your house – calcium residues still remain. Minerals other than calcium – from water and coffee powder also gets accumulated in the machine.

If you don’t clean your coffee bar it will not just harm the machine. It will affect the quality of the coffee and its taste too. And coffee lovers take their coffee very seriously!

Not descaling the machine also helps in creating an environment which boosts the growth of micro organisms like harmful bacteria.

For these reasons regularly cleaning your Ninja Coffee Bar is very necessary.

What makes cleaning Ninja Coffee Bars very easy and efficient

Ninja coffee bars come with a clean cycle function. The machine detects the amount of filth gathered – and alerts you when it’s time to descale it. It has a light (generally red) at the bottom left (or sometimes right) which reads “Clean.” When the machine senses it needs to be cleaned the light turns on.

This is a really good feature as it serves as a regular reminder of needing to descale the machine. Otherwise we tend to be quite busy in our everyday lives and descaling the coffee maker does not usually fall on a priority list of tasks to do!

Then the next time you decide to spring clean or deep clean your kitchen, you remember to descale your coffee machine!

How to reduce the need for descaling

Scale buildup will happen no matter what as there are always going to be some particles dissolved in the water you use.

To reduce scale buildup, you can take a few steps.

First off, use filtered water. Filtered water will have far less TDS(total dissolved solids) so generally the need for descaling will become less. However, filtered water is not a free pass for not descaling. It just helps reduce the frequency of descaling.

Additionally, don’t let water rest in your machine. If you’re not going to use it, empty the water reservoir and brew out a cup of coffee to make sure all the pipes are as dry as possible.

If you live in an area with hard water, it is incredibly important to descale very often, and even proactively before the machine tells you it is time to descale.

Even if you use filtered water, the possibility of bacteria growing in the warm, damp interiors is still very high. For this reason, it’s a good idea to flush the machine with a descaling solution or a mix of baking soda and water. The highly acidic descaler or the high alkaline baking soda solution will help kill bacteria.


As you can see, cleaning the Ninja Coffee Bar is really easy and straightforward. It’s a step you should definitely not skip out on and the machine does most of the heavy lifting for you anyway!

Frequently asked questions

Can you clean Ninja Coffee Bar without vinegar?

Definitely! In fact, it’s better to use lemon juice or citric acid instead of vinegar for descaling, since vinegar has a very pungent smell that is hard to get out. Lemon juice and citric acid will leave the machine smelling much fresher.

Can you descale using baking soda?

Unfortunately, baking soda can’t be used to descale your coffee machine since it is not an acid. You need to use an acid to remove the scale buildup in your coffee machine. Baking soda and water can be used for killing microorganisms, as a highly alkaline solution will remove many bacteria.

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