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CCM Coffee Review: What’s so special about them?

CCM is an abbreviation that stands for Caracolillo Coffee Mill. The company has a product range that would excite even the most experienced coffee aficionados, with products such as coffee beans, roasted beans, flavored beans, ground espresso and bulk beans. If you would like to know more about the product offer from Caracolillo Coffee Mill, be sure to check out our review below.

ccm coffee review

CCM Coffee Review: roast coffee at home

While most people look to order roasted coffee beans, there are some customers who are looking to roast their coffee themselves. Caracolillo Coffee Mill is one of the few companies that allows you to do that, as it provides you with green coffee beans!

There are many interesting green beans to choose from in their range, but there are two that stood out to us most. If you want to try your hand at roasting green beans yourself, here are our two favorites.

Brazil Natural

These green beans are obtained from the Cerrado region and Caracolillo is one of the few companies that offers them to the consumer without being roasted.

The bean has a dominant nutty and chocolatey flavor, and a lovely sweet aroma to boot. Since it also has a medium body and soft acidity, this coffee is usually best for those who like lighter roast with a more sweet overtone.

Decaffeinated Colombian

If you rather have coffee without any caffeine, we can strongly suggest the Decaffeinated Colombian. The caffeine in this bean is removed through a natural ethyl acetate process.

Characterised by a rich flavor and a heavy aroma, your search for the perfect decaf coffee is officially over. Just make sure you put these on order when you run out!

Top tip: Once you receive your green beans, make sure to store them in the right manner. These kinds of beans should always be stored in a cool and dark place, as sunlight could influence the quality, color, and taste of the beans.

Also, make sure you choose a container that allows for some air circulation. If the container does not get enough air, the beans could be damaged by mould. When stored correctly, you can store unroasted beans for up to a year.

Roasted coffee beans of premium quality

When you have no experience turning unroasted beans into roasted ones, you can get all the green beans in the roasted section as well. In the roasted section, you can find some really interesting options, featuring roasted beans from around the globe; this includes Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Sumatra, Panama, and a whole lot more.

The thing that stood out to us most is just how many years it would have taken for the company to source all these beans from so many different locations. The overview of beans also makes a reference to family recipes, which also hints to the many years of experience that hides behind every order that can be placed.

Top tip: when you purchase some roast beans, always make sure you store them appropriately. The manufacturer recommends using a container that allows for some ventilation; this because gasses can escape from the beans. So, if the container has a lid, put it on loosely, allowing those gases to escape.

The manufacturer also recommends the use of a ceramic or a glass container, just as long as the container is kept in a darker room. Please do not store your unopened bag of beans in your refrigerator or freezer, which is a common trick used by coffee lovers. Doing so could cause the condensation inside the packet to ruin the beans.

Flavored Arabica Beans

Arabica beans are known for their quality and can be combined with a wide range of flavors. Caracolillo has taken advantage of some of the most popular flavors available today and created roasted beans you cannot miss out on. From flavors such as almonds & coconut, amaretto, banana mocha, rum, cherry, cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut and loads more. So, if you like a good selection of flavored beans in your home, Caracolillo might be the best place to shop.

A Full Range Of Ground Espresso!

CCM provides a full range of ground espresso, which is packed in vacuum sealed packages before they are shipped to the customer. There’s also some decaf espresso available, so you won’t be short of ground coffee when you visit their website.

Bulk Range For Coffee Shops And Cafés

If your coffee shop or your café is known for some of the best roasted coffee, you cannot miss out on the bulk ordering offer from this company. From Colombian Decaf to Costa Rican and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, these are just of few of the roasted coffee beans and grinds you can expect. Of course, you could also place a bulk coffee roast order to use at home, we don’t judge!

Sample Testing

One of the additional benefits of this roast coffee supplier is that they sample tests the beans they obtain. The company claims it researches and tastes countless varieties before committing to a specific bean.

Having looked at the full range offered by this company, it is clear that both quality and price is paramount. While they have paid less attention to the look of the website, this is not really a good requirement for a good cup of coffee. No, price and quality are much more important.

Caracolillo Coffee Mill is able to provide its customers with some of the best prices on beans because of their purchase methods. The company buys extremely large quantities of the beans at a lower price, which enables them to undercut some of their competition but retain the quality of the bean nonetheless.

Conclusion: Should I choose CCM over other bean suppliers?

This is a company with a lot of history behind it, as the coffee mill has been around since 1936. Their online sales is only a very small part of their business though, and this is noticeable when you look at the design of the website. But, as we mentioned earlier, the overall look of a website does not matter at all when it comes to coffee.

In conclusion, this company is great for individual customers as well as bigger businesses. The prices are right and the beans are evaluated thoroughly before they are even put in front of the customer. We cannot think of anything better than that.

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