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BUNN My Cafe Review (MCU): A superb single cup brewer

The BUNN My Cafe MCU Single Cup is a high quality single cup coffee maker which claims to give you fresh coffee right at your home. It is an ideal choice to those who want to brew several kinds of beverage, like coffee, tea, and so on with just one machine. Read more in this BUNN My Cafe Review.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

BUNN My Cafe Review: Quick Overview

  • Single cup coffee maker
  • Four interchangeable drawers(Cup, Ground Coffee, Pod and Hot Water Drawers), corresponding to 4 different kinds of drinks for you to choose from each brewing
  • Brew K-Cup, ground coffee, tea pods, tea bags, and more
  • Pulse Brew option for bolder flavor if you want
  • 4 to 14 ounce brew sizes
  • It has a removable drip tray which can match almost every travel mug
  • Fixed 14 ounce water reservoir

How well does it brew coffee?

Like any other other appliances, performance rules the day, so BUNN gave a priority to performance when making the BUNN My Cafe MCU Single Cup coffee maker. The BUNN My Cafe has one job, and that’s to brew a good beverage in under a minute.

Most people will not run into any issues with this coffee maker, but there is a chance that you machine may get dirty valves because there is no built in water fitler.

I like the option of pulse brew which allows you to make your coffee stronger, as it is a welcome added feature for brewing stronger K Cup coffee. Pulse brewing blooms the coffee by wetting the grounds evenly first, then pushing the rest of the water through.

Also, I’m impressed by the nice and neat but functional drawers. The beverages are always in its right flavors as they should be with no hint of anything.

However, this is kind of a moot point as there are two easy fixes for this:

  • Use filtered water to brew
  • If that is not possible, make it a point to regularly descale and clean your machine.

Verdict: 9/10

Flexible and multi-purpose

A wide range of options is another thing that Bunn impresses users with. I like the various options that it offers. Since it is compatible with K-Cups, there are more than 200 kinds of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider that you can choose from.

As an added bonus, you can make loose-leaf tea, even instant noodles or any other things which need very hot water with this machine.

This load of options is available because the machine has innovative interchangeable trays which are specially designed to meet users’ various demands.

They are able to work with K-cups, ground coffee, loose tea, tea bags, and soft compostable coffee and tea pods as well.

You can also make use of an empty tray for piping hot water to make instant noodles for lunch or a speedy bowl of your favorite oatmeal for your breakfast.

Verdict: 10/10

Design and durability

The BUNN My Cup MCU is nice and compat, which makes it a great choice for folks with minimal counter space. It also looks really neat and is pleasing to the eyes.

Because of a small footprint like this, this machine has small tradeoff: instead of a large reservoir inside, there is a smaller top-mounted 14 ounce reservoir.

The reservoir is not removable, which is unfortunate because it makes it hard to clean. 14 ounces is the max this brewer can put out, so if you’re filling up a large travel mug, you’ll have to refill the reservoir.

Verdict: 8/10

Ease of use

Like most other single-serve brewers, the BUNN MCU is easy to set up as well as to use. Simply select your desired a drawer, add your desired content and pour a proper amount of water into the top reservoir, and finally press the brew button.

If you want to have a bit stronger coffee or tea, choose the pulse brew option to slow down the extraction and make the flavor bolder as well. As soon as finishing brewing, clean your drawer to get it ready for the next brewing time.

Verdict: 9/10


  • Multi-function. You can use it to make wide ranges of beverages, including K-Cups, coffee grounds and other compostable soft pods
  • Multiple brewing drawers for flexibility
  • Pulse brewing for better coffee
  • Brews in under a minute
  • Nice and compact


  • Small water reservoir
  • Reservoir is not removable
  • Clogged valves can be hard to clean
  • No power button

Conclusion and final thoughts

All in all, the BUNN My Cup MCU is a solid single cup coffee machine with lots of flexibility, perhaps even more than what’s found in more expensive models.

Whether you’re looking to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or just need hot water for soup, this coffee machine delivers in less than a minute.

The ability to use coffee grounds instead of pods compares the best of single cup coffee making, the speed, with the great taste of freshly ground coffee.

The tradeoffs are minor at best, since a non-removable reservoir is not really a deal-breaker. It may be tough for households where lots of people drink coffee in one go, though.


Note: Replaced by the BUNN My Cafe MCR

The BUNN My Cafe MCU has been discontinued and replaced by the BUNN My Cafe MCR. Both machines are essentially the same, but BUNN has done away with the drawer system. The My Cafe MCR is limited to working with K Cups. Aside from that, it’s still the same. It’s compact and makes good and fast coffee.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this machine to make ice tea or iced coffee?

The BUNN MCU has no setting for iced tea or coffee. alternatively, you can add ice into a glass, then make the beverage with about half the water that you often use to brew normal coffee, after that, pour milk, cold water, juice, or other mixers to make cold beverages.

Can I program automatic brew?

No. But you can add coffee into its place the night before and add water in the next morning, then you will have your fresh first cup of coffee in just about one minute.

Does it offer different strength settings?

Not really, but it offers pulse brew option which helps to push the water through a bit more slowly so that more flavor is extracted, and the coffee is bolder. If you like strong coffee, you can use that function, or you can use a compostable coffee pod or the ground coffee drawer.

How many cup size options does it give?

Most single serve coffee maker introduces specific cup size settings, but this unit doesn’t. You can add an amount of water between 4 and 14 ounces, up to the beverage that you are making. I personally adjust the amount I want by a glass measuring cup.

How hot is the coffee made by the machine?

it’s always hot while brewing, almost 200 degrees. And the coffee coming out of the machine is as hot as 160 degrees. Even if you pour milk into your coffee, the result is that it stays extremely hot in spite of the addition of cold liquid.

Some people said that the BUNN MCU’s parts are sometimes defective. Is this true?

Personally, I also have heard some bad reviews concerning about defective parts. Then I myself checked with some real users about this. But they all agreed that they have never the problem before. I myself have never had it, either. Until now, I have been satisfied with my choice and happy with the way machine has been worked.

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