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Coffee Forums(Best places for threads and threads of goodness)

Are you a coffee addict? What if I said that most if not all of the tricks and tips of either brewing, roasting, equipment storage, troubleshooting, purchasing, or maintenance are all hidden in coffee forums?

The list of forums that you’re about to go through are some of the best you could ever find. The validity of information in each will solemnly depend on your level of expertise and knowledge in this field.

Apparently, all the forums will require you to create an account or register with them before you could start taking part. As much as it is free to do so, it’s highly recommended that you take some time and read through each and every rule and regulation governing the use of each forum before creating an account.

That said, it remains your responsibility to go through the list and find out which forum best fits your needs.

6 Best coffee forums for all the brewing info you could ever need

1. Home Barista

Just as they say, “Your guide to exceptional coffee” they mean exactly that. Home-Barista.com is an awesome and resourceful platform with mind-blowing forums. To start off, the site’s navigation is very smooth with a great layout and an excellent readability. What about the moderators? They’re always active making all the information to be very valuable.

There are three main categories in this site. Announcements area, forums, and the site information. The announcements part is to ensure that no one misses out on any important information. What makes it more interesting is the daily ‘quotable quotes’ that you’ll always find there.

The main objectives of the platform are found on the ‘forum’ area. Here, we have discussions on things like: market place, tips and techniques, coffees, coffee brewing, espresso machines, grinders, buy and sell, and much more. The list is quite long.

Under the ‘site information’, new members or visitors are privileged to find useful information such as; read me- where hints and tips are, FAQs, and news and suggestion box.

Here is one of the most popular posts that received the highest number of replies and views. This post about posting a photo of an espresso setup shows how popular that machine is.

home barista is one of the biggest and best coffee forums

2. Coffee Forums UK

Coffee Forums UK is the premier coffee forum in the UK. The forum started around 10 years ago and today has more than 19500 UK based members. There are 7 areas in this platform. All serving different purposes. This is one of the friendliest forum with plenty of information.

New members section. As usual, any new member will be required to go through this section and introduce themselves. The next section that you’ll find is the coffee forum section. This section has a lot of topics allowed for discussions; announcements, coffee lounge, beans, brewed coffee, grinders|accessories|machines, home roasters, videos- which is unique, find coffee shops, and so much more.

There is also a dedicated area to discuss all sorts of grinders. Be it Compak grinders, Ceado grinders, Mazzer grinders, you name them! Anything related to that should be dropped in there. We also have a section to discuss coffee machines. Any topics in relation to coffee machines are handled in the Coffee Machine section.

You will also find a section dedicated to buying/selling and swapping of coffee related items. That’s incredible! If you’re a professional barista, industry supplier, or a café owner, then the Coffee Industry section will have you sorted.

For those interested in a general discussion, simply head to the Tea Room section and start your chat.

Here is the most popular post in the forum

Decent espresso has received 2058 replies and over 250k views. The post also has five stars rating. Coffee forums UK members seem to be more interested in this product.


3. Coffee geek

Coffee geek is big in North America. Here, you’ll find news, reviews, opinion and community for coffee lovers and espresso. The platform has a fairly huge number of members with around 90k total threads with close to a half a billion total views. The layout and readability is excellent!

What makes this forum to be great is the availability of useful information discussed exhaustively. There are a total of five categories in this forum. The espresso discussions- takes care of everything related to the machine. The coffee discussions area ensures that all the burning issues related to coffee are thrown there for views and opinions. We also have a section for ‘Columns, How-To, and Reviews’ to help anyone find quality reviews and how-to articles. Another important part of the forum is the ‘members’ forum’ whereby members engage in hot discussions on various topics such as buy/sell, coffee recipes, and much more.

The last part is the ‘World Regional’. This section must have been added specifically to bring together people from one region, say, United States West. Here, members get to interact, discuss and times hang out together. Coffee geek is a very huge forum.

Here is one of the most popular post that received a large number of views

You can see how a lot of people are interested in knowing how coffee home roasting is done.

4. Coffee forums

Are you from the UK? A coffee lover and Addict? Then you should consider hanging in here. The forum has a smooth navigation experience. The layout and readability are also great. There are several areas that makes the user experience simplified. The information section takes care of new members and also provides announcements and introductions. Coffee forums is a place to be.

The Coffee Addicts area is where all the main coffee related topics are discussed. The topics are separate from things related to the industries. Below it is the Coffee Industry area to take care of any topic related to the industry. There is an area for supporting vendors and coffee classifieds. The community board allows advertisements, B2B, and any other related topic that might seem off.

If you happen to feel confused while in the forum, or maybe need clarity on something, then the support area, found nearly at the end of the page should be your destination. You’ll be sorted by the technical support team.

One of the most popular post in this forum is about a professional coffee roasting school.

Despite having a few replies, the huge number of views shows how the addicts, just like yourself, have interest in learning more about coffee roasting.

5. Coffee Snobs

Coffee Snobs is a forum of its kind. Based in Australia, the site is huge, offers excellent information and has a different perspective as compared to many other forums. There is lots of fun in this forum with six well-crafted sections. The News area helps members stay updated. The Market Square is where anyone can post what they have to sell or need to buy.

The Art of Coffee area ensures that all your needs related to blends recipes and cup testing are well taken care of. Coffee Snob discussions is a section where home roasting tips, tricks, and ideas, milk froth and bubbles, general coffee related and off topics are discussed.

The equipment section has been given some good attention with a range of different machines. If you have any questions on either manual coffee brewing, entry level, midrange, pointy end or extreme machines, be sure to get help.

If you’re hanging out with friends somewhere in Australia and the urge to have some good coffee comes knocking, then Coffee Snob forum has a section called, ‘Good Coffee Where’. Simply post your question and get answers.

The most popular post in this forum is found in the general coffee related section which also happens to be the most popular thread.

This post received a huge number of views together with lots of replies.

6. Coffee forum

Do not get confused. This forum is totally different from ‘coffee forums’. Have you spot the difference? The letter‘s’. Coffee forum site has a wonderful navigation experience with an excellent layout. Just like the other forums, there are sections/areas that different topics can be discussed.

When you get there, the first thing you’ll notice is the Forum Discussions area. There, you can introduce yourself, say something if you have one, and make a few friends. All the off topic related issues are also allowed here.

Coffee making and Equipment section allows members to discuss anything that may be related to espresso machines, grinders, accessories, coffee improvements, and other brewing methods. If you might have anything related to coffee industries, café reviews, and barista news, then The Coffee Lounge- café culture is where to drop them.

The Coffee Roasting area allows anyone with questions or concerns related to home roasting, roasting, and roasters bring them up. Brown and green beans is a section will help you with any information related to how to find the beans and other similar information.

The last section on this forum is the Sponsors and Marketplace. Find or post anything related to site sponsors or classified here.

Here is the most popular topic in this forum

This post on lever espresso machines had the highest number of replies and equally good views. Espresso machines in general have gained popularity among coffee lovers.

Now that you have some of the top coffee forums at your disposal, it’s all upon you to pick some that you’ll be hanging in every time something comes up or when you feel like having a little chat with other coffee addicts.


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