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Angelinos Coffee Review: A Great Keurig Subscription Service

There are lots of suppliers out there that can deliver flavored coffees in some pods. However, one brand that should be considered for sure is Angelino s coffee. Angelino’s coffee is known for its premium flavors such as French vanilla and their Kona blend. But how does Angelino’s coffee score overall? Let’s find out in this Angelinos Coffee review.

angelinos coffee review

Angelinos Coffee: A quick overview

  • Angelinos Coffee offers Keurig pods that are compatible with all Keurig coffee makers
  • The entire process is managed in-house so you get freshly roasted coffee in your K-Cups
  • They offer a wide selection of K-Cups(varied roasts, decaf, etc)
  • The pricing is very competitive and there is no added cost to subscribe

The Difference With Most Pod Coffee Companies?

Why should you choose Angelino’s coffee over all other pod coffee suppliers out there? Well, there is certainly a difference where quality is concerned. Angelino’s coffee is sourced, roasted and packaged by the company. So, the entire route of the coffee goes through the same company.

Because of the sourcing, roasting and packaging process implemented by Angelo’s coffee, you can count on amazing flavor in each pod. Some pod suppliers deliver coffee pods with an understated flavor, this is not the case for Angelino’s coffee.

Straightforward Ordering

When you look at the Angelino website, you may notice that it looks rather plain. But, do not be deceived by the plain look, because ordering is so straightforward and simple! In other words, this company has the customer in mind first and foremost when it comes to sales.

On the website, you can easily select the quantity of coffee you want to get. You can select quantities such as 48, 96 or even 192 cups. There is also a subscription service, which enables you to get your preferred quantity of cups shipped every month, two months, or three months. Once you get hooked on Angelino’s coffee, a subscription service certainly comes in handy.

It is interesting to know that a customer could save money by purchasing higher quantities of pods at Angelino. In fact, purchasing higher quantities can reduce the price per coffee pod by a whopping 40%.

You do not have to decide on the single flavor through. If you are a customer of this company, you can also choose a variety pack. A variety pack is interesting for every customer, because it allows purchasing a variety of flavors in one single order. The variety pack is also available under the subscription service. In other words, if you want several flavors every month or every couple of months, you can easily use the subscription service and ensure you get your regular fix of Angelino’s coffee.

Pod Compatibility

While the subscription service is a feature that would make any coffee lover join a specific brand, it is important to mention pod compatibility as well. According to Angelino’s, each pack of coffee pod flavors is compatible with Keurig 1 and 2 coffee machines. As this brand is one of the best and most like coffee makers, many consumers will be able to benefit from this coffee pod brand.

No Additional Subscription Cost

Interestingly, subscribing to Angelino’s coffee is completely free. In other words, the only thing you pay for is the coffee itself. Many subscription services tend to charge something, so getting a free offer such as this is actually a breath of fresh air. Also, if you tend to drink exuberant amounts of coffee, then their free subscription can save you heaps of money too!

In addition to the free shipping and subscription, you can also count on regular offers. Simply check the website on a regular basis to make sure you do not miss out on the K-cup deals and offers.

Good Prices, Even For Large Coffee Pod Quantities

When you start taking a look at the price of the coffee pods at Angelino’s, you will find that they are among some of the best. Pricing is more important than ever for coffee lovers, as a daily cup of coffee can easily start to add up if you pay a lot for your pods.

As we mentioned a little earlier, you can save 40% on pods if you purchase a larger quantity. That being said, you are not obligated to choose the biggest quantity to benefit from the sharp prices. Even lower quantities still provide one of the best markups in the industry.

Good Customer Service

Angelino’s has a wide range of flavors; this includes 22 different options that are considered as some of the best flavors among coffee pod lovers. It includes French vanilla, Hazelnut creme, chocolate raspberry truffle, and so much more.

Of course, with so many different flavors and large quantities of pods sent by free shipping every day, a good customer service is certainly recommended. Fortunately, this shop provides a quick and efficient customer service that rivals some of the biggest and best coffee companies in the world.

Freshly Roasted And Packed

Many people wonder why their coffee pods provide such superior flavor. If you like this coffee and have wondered the same, we have the answer for you.

The reason why many consumers like these pods so much is because it is roasted and packed just before shipping. As you may know already, freshness can heavily influence the flavor of your beverage; this is the case for blends and grounds as well as pods. So, even if you tend to like freshly ground options more than pods, this brand could actually change your mind.

Otherwise, you can stick to reusable K-cups.

Main Things To Remember About These Pods

By being roasted in small batches and by shipping them immediately, this brand can achieve something most suppliers can’t, deliver a pod that gives a beverage with optimal flavor. Still, if optimal taste is not enough, then you can still count on a delivery and subscription without any additional cost.

If you have decided to try these pods, we would like to close with the fact that this brand has decaf versions as well.

They also have flavored options for anyone who likes to be more adventurous; this includes coconut macaroon, blueberry truffle, maple glaze and other quite unusual flavors you will not forget easily. If you are still looking for pods that meet your expectations, why not give them a try today?

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