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About Us

Shabbir Nooruddin

Chief caffeine officer

I believe life is too short to drink bad coffee. And while many coffee journeys start with instant coffee, they usually end up in places far more magical and aromatic. I've been obssessed with coffee for the past few years, and won't drink anything that's not freshly ground or freshly brewed! And I'm here to help you unlock your coffee potential.

The Story of Coffee In My Veins


Ever since my first sip of coffee, I learned very early on that coffee was in my veins. The moment it touched my tongue, my taste buds went on a journey that brought me to developing my own company and blog dedicated to coffee.

My journey did not start with the finest forms of coffee either. Like most coffee addicts, we all begin somewhere thinking what we are drinking is the best cup of coffee or espresso. To our surprise, coffee always, and will always get better and better.

With that being said, my journey began when I had my first cup of instant-coffee. Truthfully, I was thinking it was the greatest invention since bread and butter! Today, I don’t think I could drink instant-coffee given my preferences, to say the least. Any who, one day, I decided to brew my own cup of coffee and realized the magic behind the entire process.

While instant-coffee had its benefits, nothing could defeat grinding my own beans and brewing a fresh cup of coffee. It was as if coffee beans had tendrils that just grasped my taste buds and veins.

After that, my true coffee journey began. I explored all different flavors of beans, different grinders and makers and eventually even developed an insatiable appetite for espresso. This is when coffee truly entered my veins, and my heart.

Today, I can say I have spent years upon years studying coffee and espresso across the entire world. I have measured and brewed with the best and even tasted the worst.

Moreover, I realized that on my journey in studying coffee, I loved to teach everyone around me about my journey. I would often talk to my friends about my seemingly-absurd obsession. To my surprise, everyone around me became addicted to my facts and stories!

I firmly believe that coffee is one of the only sources in the world that bring cultures, regardless of language barriers, together. There is something special about the aroma and the taste of coffee that spreads the wealthiest smiles and laughter across a room. My intention as a coffee enthusiast is to bring you through a coffee and espresso journey.

Armed with knowledge and facts, I hope you learn more than you ever dreamed was possible. Coffee is meant to open doors as it did for travelers in history. Today, let’s make history together and spread the knowledge of love for coffee.

There is a magic in coffee and espresso when coffee enters your veins and that is what this is all about.

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About Shabbir

Shabbir is the Chief Caffeine Officer at Coffee In My Veins. When he's not weighing out coffee beans for his next brew, you can find him writing about his passion: coffee.